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He was named Orville, after world famous aviator Orville Wright, and now he can mimic his namesake in death as he never could in life.

Orville the cat's nine lives ran out after being hit by a car last year; but rather than simply paying his respects and burying him peacefully, Orville's owner Bart Jansen has turned him into a work of art.

Orville's body has been stuffed, poked, prodded and turned into a remote control helicopter.

The Orvillecopter, Photo: Reuters

Dubbed the 'Orvillecopter', Jansen’s stuffed cat is one of the showcase exhibits at this year’s Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.

Arms outsretched and with rotors attached to his paws, Orville’s body zooms about the gallery, to the amazement of onlookers.

Mr Jansen says Orville is now ‘part cat, part machine’, and can finally fly around with the birds he loved to chase so much.

Jansen’s dreams of feline flight don’t end there, he plans to attach larger rotors to the poor pussy so he can reach new heights – all in the name of art, of course.

No word yet on whether the KittenCopter will be this year’s most sought after Christmas gift.

The Orvillecopter, Photo: Reuters

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