1. Reconciliation spirit heals pain on Gallipoli's sands

    GALLIPOLI PENINSULA (Turkey) (AFP) - Australian retired major Robert Freebairn, his jacket festooned with medals, looks out across the sands of Gallipoli at the rising sun and thinks of his great uncle charging into Ottoman lines as a member of the Anzac regiments 100 years ago.

  2. Croatians with Swiss franc loans protest 'debt slavery'

    Zagreb (AFP) - Thousands of Croatians with loans denominated in Swiss francs took to the streets of Zagreb Sunday to protest the increased debt burden caused by a surge in the Swiss currency.

  3. Europe's police crack massive horsemeat trafficking ring

    The Hague (AFP) - Police from seven European countries detained 26 people in a crackdown on a horsemeat trafficking ring two years after a tainted meat scandal that rocked the continent, the EU's judicial agency Eurojust said Saturday.

  4. Deadliest earthquakes of the past 30 years

    Kathmandu (AFP) - At least 1,170 people are known to have died in Nepal, officials say, after a powerful 7.8 magnitude quake rocked the country on Saturday. Below is a list of some of the world's deadliest earthquakes in the past 30 years.

  5. Aust doctor's sister asks for Joko's mercy

    The sister of an Australian Navy doctor who lost his life responding to a disaster in Indonesia has appealed for the executions of 10 people to be stopped.

  6. Bali Nine execution U-turn urged

    Lawyers for two Australians on death row in Indonesia and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop continue to call for the imminent executions to be halted.

  7. International aid groups rush to reach Nepal quake victims

    Paris (AFP) - International aid groups rushed to respond Saturday to a massive earthquake in Nepal that claimed more than 1,000 lives as aftershocks and severed communications hampered rescue efforts.

  8. Clashes rage in Yemen as calls for peace talks grow

    Clashes rage in Yemen as calls for peace talks grow

    Taez (Yemen) (AFP) - Fierce fighting raged Saturday in south Yemen between Iran-backed rebels and loyalists of exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, as pressure mounted for the warring factions to hold political talks.

  9. Qaeda, allies take key regime holdout in northwest Syria

    Qaeda, allies take key regime holdout in northwest Syria

    Beirut (AFP) - Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate and its allies seized the last major government-held city in Idlib province on Saturday, in a blow that could expose the regime's coastal heartland to rebel attack.

  10. Chile volcano spews ash and fire

    Puerto Varas (Chile) (AFP) - Chile's Calbuco volcano kept villagers on edge Saturday as it spewed fire and ash after two powerful eruptions blanketed the region in suffocating volcanic debris.

  11. Thousands remember Anzac heroism on Gallipoli centenary

    Thousands remember Anzac heroism on Gallipoli centenary

    GALLIPOLI PENINSULA (Turkey) (AFP) - Thousands of Australians and New Zealanders on Saturday thronged the beaches of Turkey's Gallipoli peninsula to remember the heroism and sacrifice of their forefathers in the World War I campaign against the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago.

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