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Sydney (AFP) - A newborn baby has died after being given "laughing gas" instead of oxygen in a tragic mix-up at an Australian hospital which left another infant severely disabled, authorities said …

Sagamihara (Japan) (AFP) - A knife-wielding former employee killed 19 people and injured 25 at a care centre for the mentally disabled in Japan on Tuesday, in the country's worst mass killing in …

Sydney (AFP) - The Australian government ordered an inquiry Tuesday after graphic evidence emerged of prison guards assaulting and tear-gassing teenage boys, with one shown hooded and shackled to a …

Abu Dhabi (AFP) - Solar Impulse 2 took off on March 9, 2015 from Abu Dhabi for the first round-the-world flight using only solar energy, a huge bet on current technology.

The success of the Solar Impulse 2's round-the-world journey shows it is possible to make the world more energy efficient, pilot Andre Borschberg says.

New York (AFP) - All uniformed New York police on patrol will be equipped with ballistic helmets under a $7.5 million spending drive fueled by recent terror attacks and shootings, the department said.

Pokemon Go players in the US have been caught up in a shooting incident, with two people being taken to hospital after a confrontation in Las Vegas.

Florida police have three people in custody after two teens were killed and more than a dozen were wounded in a shooting incident in Fort Myers.

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