Istanbul (AFP) - A mass of desperate refugees stranded at Budapest's main rail station for days set off on foot for the Austrian border Friday, despite mounting efforts by Hungary to crack down on a …

Twenty-two members of the United Arab Emirates' military have been killed in Yemen in the largest single loss for the Gulf nation's military in the war.

Brussels (AFP) - Europe is facing its biggest refugee crisis since World War II, but the response by the 28-member European Union is hamstrung by a web of complicated rules governing asylum seekers.

Guatemala City (AFP) - Guatemala's presidential candidates wrapped up their campaigns Friday, two days ahead of elections at the end of a tumultuous week during which the country's disgraced leader …

Paris (AFP) - A heartrending photo of a Syrian child who drowned off Turkey; hundreds of migrants stuck in Hungary, barred by police from continuing their odyssey to northern Europe.

Witnesses say an 11-year-old boy has shot dead a 16-year-old teen at point-blank range in St Louis casting doubt on a police version involving a break-in.

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