Sydney (AFP) - Australian soldiers killed in the Vietnam war and buried in Malaysia and Singapore will be brought home with full military honours if their families agree, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Monday.

Baghdad (AFP) - Washington on Sunday accused Iraqi forces of lacking the will to fight the Islamic State group, which scored a resounding victory a week earlier with the capture of Ramadi.

Paramaribo (Suriname) (AFP) - Suriname goes to the polls in general elections on Monday with its convicted drug trafficker president striving to tighten his controversial grip on the reins of power.

Madrid (AFP) - An ex-communist retired judge is locked in a showdown with a countess for control of Madrid city hall in an election that could deal a stunning blow to Spain's leaders.

Sydney (AFP) - Australia on Monday appointed a counter-terrorism chief to coordinate security agencies, while pointing to the United States and Britain to justify a proposal to strip citizenship from dual nationals linked to jihadists.

Madrid (AFP) - Spain's "Indignado" protest movement gave its ruling conservative rivals a historic battering in local elections Sunday, topping the vote in Barcelona and shattering the ruling party's majority in Madrid.

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