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Tens of thousands take the dangerous Mediterranean Sea route as a gateway to a better life in Europe, alongside those fleeing wars from Syria to Afghanistan.

A defiant President Dilma Rousseff has denied breaking budgetary rules and says the impeachment process is a plot to protect the privileged classes.

Two American airline pilots, accused of being intoxicated as they prepared to fly from Scotland to the US, have been released on bail.

Wellington (AFP) - Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom said Tuesday a judge had granted his request to live-stream his appeal to avoid extradition from New Zealand to the United States where he is …

A new school is set to open at the site of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting rampage, which left 20 first-graders and six teachers dead.

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - Portugal's former prime minister Antonio Guterres is still the frontrunner to become the next secretary-general of the United Nations following a third straw …

The drive for tougher sentences by Egypt follows the recent death of a 17-year-old girl of complications during an FGM operation in a private hospital.

US intelligence officials have become increasingly worried hackers sponsored by Russia or other countries may attempt to disrupt the presidential election.

Prosecutors are investigating why supposedly quake-proofed buildings collapsed in the tremors while the Italian prime minister is promising a national plan.

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