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The United States and Russia still differ on some points of the Syria conflict, but the two powers say they are closer to bringing about a deal on a ceasefire.

Tunis (AFP) - The new unity government of Youssef Chahed won resounding support from parliament, approving a new cabinet line-up which must tackle the country's pressing socio-economic and security …

Nairobi (AFP) - Japan takes its aid and trade show to Africa on Saturday, opening a huge two-day development conference in Kenya, hoping that quality will trump quantity in the battle for influence …

A picture of crying elderly grandparents, separated into different care homes in Canada, is the saddest photo their granddaughter says she has ever taken.

Debate continues to rage in France over the merits of the burkini, after the Council of State ruled to suspend a ban on the full-body swimsuits.

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