Beijing (AFP) - China came of age as an Olympic power when it hosted the spectacular Beijing 2008, a display of the unlimited resources and political will some say are essential to its bid for the …

By Howard Schneider WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Reserve is expected on Wednesday to point to a growing U.S. economy and stronger job market as it sets the stage for a …

Tehran (AFP) - Iran's foreign minister moved to dismiss speculation that his country's nuclear deal with major powers could hit difficulties, saying he had "no concern or worry" about its …

Going on holiday? Best plan well ahead so prevent coming back to the debt blues that likely will take months to pay off.

Addis Ababa (AFP) - Barack Obama condemned African leaders who refuse to give up power and urged the continent to end "the cancer of corruption", in the first ever address to the African Union by a …

Aden (AFP) - A humanitarian truce in Yemen has failed to take hold after Saudi-led warplanes resumed raids on rebels who clashed with loyalists, military sources said.

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