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Toothless Eagle gets his bite back
West Coast Eagle Elliot Yeo is all smiles after the dentist replaced his two front teeth after losing them in a clash in Round 10 against Collingwood. Picture: Lincoln Baker/The West Australian

West Coast Eagles' Elliot Yeo has been granted an early Christmas wish, revealing he is set to receive two new front teeth next week in a delicate dental operation.

Yeo, who tweeted his request after having his teeth knocked out during a match against Collingwood at the MCG last month, said the surgery would fix a porcelain-capped smile where he currently has temporary replacements.

Detailing for the first time his painful and embarrassing loss, which was broadcast on national television after he fumbled a simple mark and was crunched by Collingwood's 113kg Jarrod Witts, Yeo said the snapped-off teeth were never found.

"My mum and I were having a bit of a joke about it afterwards that I'll have part of my DNA on the MCG for ever . . . you've got to be happy with that," he quipped about an incident which had otherwise been anything but a laughing matter and left him initially on a strict chicken and corn soup diet.

Elliot Yeo collides with Collingwoods Jarrod Witts and loses two front teeth, seen midair, on May 24, 2014. Picture: Greg Ford/AFL Media

Yeo had a root canal procedure two days after the Collingwood clash, then temporary teeth fitted the following day. He said he had been a victim of circumstance where he had taken his mouthguard out to take in some deep breaths after a hard-running period of the game.

"I didn't put my mouthguard back in in time and that was that," he said. "Even taking it out for 30 seconds, it can sting you."

Yeo's teammates had typically showed him little compassion, with players leaving teeth-shaped lollies on his locker with the front two cut out.

Elliot Yeo shows the umpire the gap in his teeth after his collision with Collingwoods Jarrod Witts during the 2014 AFL Round 10 match between the Collingwood Magpies and the West Coast Eagles at the MCG, Melbourne on May 24, 2014. Picture: Greg Ford/AFL Media
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