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Buswell car towed from home
The car is removed from the Buswell home. Picture: Gareth Parker/The West Australian

Police investigating the traffic incident that ended Toy Buswell's troubled career are at his Roberts Road home and have had the vehicle towed away.

Investigators spent time examining the vehicle this afternoon before arranging for its removal.

Several police are at the home.

The Holden Caprice was loaded on to the back of a flatbed tow truck to be removed.

Police are expected to formally interview Mr Buswell in the coming days about the incident.

The damaged ministerial car has been in the carport of his home since he drove it home in the early hours of February 23.

Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan confirmed yesterday that an investigation was under way amid an extraordinary day that plunged the Barnett Government into a fresh crisis.

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After The West Australian revealed Mr Buswell had been drinking at a wedding for several hours before he crashed his ministerial car on February 23 - the day before he went on unexplained personal leave - Premier Colin Barnett announced yesterday that his Treasurer and Transport Minister resigned his portfolios in a telephone conversation on Sunday afternoon.

Mr Barnett said Mr Buswell told him he had already made the decision to resign in his own mind - because of his health and before revelations of the traffic incident.

Mr Barnett was informed on the morning of Monday, February 24, by Mr Buswell's chief of staff Rachael Turnseck that the Treasurer had suffered a breakdown.

Police outside Mr Buswell's home yesterday. Picture: Seven News
The West Australian believes Ms Turnseck had knowledge of the damage to Mr Buswell's car but chose not to share that information with the Premier because her immediate priority was ensuring Mr Buswell got appropriate treatment to deal with his health crisis.

It is understood Mr Buswell and Ms Turnseck knew that the matter of his damaged ministerial car, a white Holden Caprice that remained in his Subiaco driveway yesterday more than two weeks after he crashed it, would eventually have to be dealt with when he was well enough.

Mr Buswell's damaged ministerial car at his Roberts Road unit. Picture: Mogens Johansen/The West Australian
Mr Barnett and Police Minister Liza Harvey learnt of the crash on Sunday afternoon after it became apparent The West Australian and Seven News were in possession of detailed information surrounding its circumstances.

"He was extremely remorseful," Mr Barnett said. "With respect to what happened in the early hours of that Sunday morning, he said he didn't have much recollection, not denying anything at all, making no excuses and could offer no reasonable explanation for what happened.

"It is clear that Troy is still not in a good place, again very emotional, very upset, very apologetic."

This morning, Prime Minister Tony Abbott told 6PR he had the "deepest of sympathy" for Mr Buswell.

"Troy is a charismatic man ... he does deserve the people's respect," he said.

Mr Barnett will now have to reshuffle his Cabinet just two months from the State Budget.

Mr O'Callaghan said yesterday that officers who attended Mr Buswell's address on February 23 after a call from a witness did not know that the driver was Mr Buswell.

Police took a statement from the witness yesterday and attended Mr Buswell's home.

Premier Colin Barnett at yesterday's press conference. Picture: Steve Ferrier/The West Australian
Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan at a media conference yesterday. Picture: Steve Ferrier/The West Australian
Mr Buswell's damaged ministerial car. Picture: Mogens Johansen/The West Australian
The damaged gate at Mr Buswell's Subiaco home. Picture: Mogens Johansen/The West Australian

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