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King hit just a coward s punch: Green
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell and boxing champion Danny Green launch the coward punch advertisement. Picture: AAP/Nikki Short

Danny Green wants the term "king hit" rebranded a "coward's punch" as part of the Perth boxing champion's bid to rein in alcohol-fuelled violence.

Green was in Sydney yesterday to relaunch an advertising campaign condemning one-punch attacks.

The major television networks have agreed to air Green's campaign as a community service message after he urged them to join the NSW Government's fight against violent, drunken assaults.

Also in Green's firing line are any words glorifying "gutless" one-punch assaults.

"The fact some bloke can say, 'Yeah, I king-hit this guy' . . . the word 'king' is a term of prominence," Green said. "Even 'one punch' (is unacceptable). If we get a stigma associated with these unprovoked and senseless assaults, that they are a cowardly act, then it's hopefully going to prevent people from doing it in the future.

"As a bloke, to be branded a coward is not a good thing and the message has got to be sent."

Green said he hoped the TV commercial - which will also air on Channel 7 in Perth - would lead to cultural change among young men.

"The community has been crying out for a change," he said.

"We all want to see a shift in the way we think, especially in young blokes. It's not acceptable or tough to go out and assault someone." In the advertisement, Green is seen stopping a youth from punching another person from behind after he accidentally spills his beer on him.

"Take it from me, one punch can be lethal," the boxer says. "It can end his life and ruin yours."

Green said he decided to make the self-funded TV commercial in 2012 after reading about the one-punch death of a Perth man in _The West Australian _.

The boxer has called on all Australians to support his campaign against the "coward's punch" after the death of 18-year-old Sydney man Daniel Christie.

Mr Christie had his life support switched off this month after he was struck by a single punch in Sydney's Kings Cross entertainment precinct on New Year's Eve.

WA Attorney-General Michael Mischin said this week he would consider tougher local penalties for fatal one-punch assaults, after NSW promised the country's harshest punishment for the crime.

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