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Anger after cop attacker set free
The police officer after the attack. Picture: Seven News

The WA Police Union has attacked a decision to grant parole to a 21-year-old woman who was jailed for bashing an officer.

Sarah Blanchette was released on April 16, four months in to a nine-month jail term for knocking Sgt Wayne Godwin unconscious in Northbridge early on New Year's Day in 2011.

Union president George Tilbury said yesterday people convicted of crimes that attracted mandatory jail terms should serve the full sentence.

"This sends the wrong message to the community," Mr Tilbury said.

"If people are given a term of imprisonment, particularly for a serious offence like assaulting a police officer, then they should serve that entire term.

"Ms Blanchette showed no remorse whatsoever, which is why the magistrate imposed three months more than the mandatory minimum sentence.

"She was laughing at the time as Sgt Godwin was lying on the ground unconscious. I'm sure because of what's happened she's laughing even more now."

Mr Tilbury said the union and Sgt Godwin were "totally shocked" when told that Ms Blanchette had been released.

Mr Tilbury urged the State Government to address the issue.

Sarah Blanchette, centre, arrives at Perth Magistrates Court for sentencing in December. Picture: Lincoln Baker/The West Australian
Sarah Blanchette arrested after the 2011 attack. Picture: Seven News

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