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Kings Park tree branch crushes car
A family returns to their BMW to discover a large branch has crushed the car. Picture: Nic Ellis/The West Australian

A BMW owner received a shock last night when he discovered his car had been crushed by a tree branch while it was parked on Fraser Avenue in Kings Park.

It is understood the man was having a picnic with his family when the branch from a lemon-scented gum tree fell on his vehicle.

The man, who did not want to be named, said the car was a write-off.

The lemon-scented gum trees that line Fraser Avenue are a well-known feature of Kings Park.

On Saturday, thousands of West Australians gathered under them to watch the Australia Day fireworks.

A branch from the same type of gum tree fell on Labor leader Mark McGowan's car while it was parked at Parliament House in 2005.

As a result - and despite a concerted campaign to save them - the Parliament House gums trees were cut down.

The issue of pulling down or trimming lemon-scented gums has also caused community outrage in Canning and Guildford at various stages over the past decade.

Last year, about 150 of the trees were cut down to a storm of protest in Bentley because they were damaging Manning Road and surrounding homes.

The protesters claimed the trees were important foraging habitat for the endangered Carnaby's black cockatoo.