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The Perth man told he faced being caned under tough Singaporean laws after an alleged air-rage incident has been given his passport back and allowed to leave the country.

Maritime worker Bruce Griffiths, 47, had his passport confiscated after arriving in Singapore on a Tiger Airways flight on Tuesday.

It is believed Mr Griffiths was en-route to the Philippines when he was arrested and detained in Singapore.

Mr Griffiths apparently got out of his middle seat during the flight to allow a female passenger to go to the bathroom. In doing so, he disturbed a male passenger in an aisle seat who swore at him for disrupting his sleep.

It is alleged Mr Griffiths returned the abuse and crew became involved.

Mr Griffiths had to remain in Singapore until the case was resolved. He was released but his passport was held by Singaporean authorities pending investigations.

He had been told he faced caninng under Singapore's "outrage of modesty" laws.

A Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesman said today that Singapore police had advised the Australian High Commission that the case had been concluded.

Mr Griffiths' passport had been returned to him.

It is understood he will soon leave Singapore.

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