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Mild way to enjoy summer s best
HMB Endeavour off Albany's Middleton Beach. Picture: Lex Porebski

Readers of _The West Australian _have been quick to answer our call for photographs that capture the great WA summer.

Among them was this one by Lex Porebski, from Albany, who took it at the city's Middleton beach one morning last January.

Mr Porebski said he was taking photographs of the HMB Endeavour when a young woman walking her dog agreed to be in a picture.

"There were only a few other people there that morning, including a very attractive young lass walking her dog," he said. "She was more than happy to jump in the photo for a silhouette."

Mr Porebski said there were plenty of opportunities for summer fun in the Great Southern, despite the region's reputation for cooler weather.

"Summer here is all about lounging on the water under turbulent skies - in proper mild weather too, not like what you'd get in the city," he said.

He aims to use his photos to promote the region's natural attractions.

"East and west of Albany there's a lot to see - the whales are almost on tap at House beach and the boat harbour if that's what you're looking for," he said.

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