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Bouncers hit before Adams punch
Dylan Winter. Picture: Steve Ferrier/The West Australian

Two bouncers claim they were hit by a man during a brawl outside a Northbridge nightclub one hour before he punched former footballer Luke Adams.

The District Court trial of Dylan Gerald Wayne Winter, 20, heard from Adrian Cortois and Matthew Lindsay this morning, who were both bouncers at The Library nightclub on May 1 last year.

The jury was told Mr Winter's friends were evicted from the nightclub around 1.35am and a brawl erupted between them and bouncers after a man spat in the face of one crowd controller.

Mr Winter has pleaded not guilty to unlawfully causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Adams, 21. He admits punching the former Swan Districts ruckman, but argues it was in self-defence after Mr Adams allegedly threatened to "smash" him.

Mr Cortois told the jury as he went to help break-up the scuffle he slipped on the ground and remembered being hit on his head and in his ribs. He said Mr Lindsay then stepped in, tried to restrain the man and he then recalled "pushing" the patron.

After watching CCTV footage of the incident, Mr Cortois admitted parts of his recollection were wrong and what he remembered happening to him was not as serious as he thought.

Under cross-examination, Mr Cortois accepted the vision showed him punching the patron as the man and Mr Lindsay grappled, but did not independently recall hitting him.

Mr Cortois said he attempted to tell the truth and never deliberately told police anything he believed was wrong.

Earlier, Mr Lindsay gave evidence that he saw fists flying from both sides when he noticed Mr Cortois and the man he now knows to be Mr Winter in an altercation.

He said when he went to help his colleague, Mr Winter was on top of Mr Cortois "attacking" him and "punching" him with his fists to the back of the head.

Mr Lindsay said he grabbed Mr Winter, pushed him against a parked car and tried to restrain him in a bear hug as they both went to ground. He said after a brief struggle, Mr Winter gave him a "light jab" to his jaw before backing off and walking away.

Defence lawyer Craig Eberhardt suggested all his client did was grab Mr Cortois and fling him away before Mr Lindsay intervened. He said the footage clearly shows Mr Winter not throwing a punch at Mr Cortois and Mr Lindsay agreed after watching the vision that it showed Mr Cortois repeatedly punching Mr Winter about the head. He said he did not see those actions at the time.

In his statement to police, Mr Lindsay said he saw Mr Winter either punch or push Mr Cortois initially. "My recollection was that it was a punch," he said today.

Sgt Daniel Acres told the court he arrived outside The Library nightclub after the incident and after reviewing the security footage ordered that Mr Winter and his friends be issued with move-on notices.

He said he spoke to Mr Winter outside The Library and the accused's demeanour was "cocky" and "intoxicated", but not overly inebriated.

After being ordered to move-on from the area, Mr Winter and his friends' paths crossed with Mr Adams and his friend Travis Gray further down on Lake Street.

Mr Gray testified yesterday a "tit for tat" argument started between Mr Adams and the other group and then Mr Adams said to him: "come on Travvy, let's smash these c...."

He did not see the punch, but saw his friend fall backwards and heard the "crack" of his head hitting the ground. Mr Adams suffered a fractured skull and brain injuries and was in a coma for weeks.

The prosecution claims Mr Winter's actions were not justified or reasonable.

The trial continues.

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