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He's been called many things by many people but never a "shining light" by Labor's police spokeswoman Michelle Roberts.

Former Barnett Government police minister Rob Johnson nearly had a coronary as the Opposition heaped praise on him as part of a strident attack on his replacement, Liza Harvey.

"I take him at his word," Mrs Roberts said as she pilloried Mrs Harvey for not having out-of-control party legislation before Parliament.

Labor said Perth has become like "Damascus" under the new Police Minister.

There is "blood on the streets", "rampaging gangs" and "drug labs on every street corner".

Bring back Rob, was the overture.

The bloke ridiculed as Inspector Clouseau by the Opposition was suddenly Superman and able to arrest the decay in law and order.

Mrs Harvey tried to smile across the chamber as Mrs Roberts exploded.

Mr Johnson tried to stop his head from nodding in support of his old enemy but, like one of those ornamental dogs that used to grace the back window of cars, it was impossible.

Bring back Rob, was the chant.

Eventually, Mrs Roberts' new-found love for Mr Johnson went too far and she was tossed out of the chamber for interjecting too often as Mrs Harvey tried to defend herself.

That left Alfred Cove MP Janet Woollard to make some sobering comments about why there were out-of-control parties on Perth streets.

Some wag in the chamber suggested it was because not everyone could afford a boat.

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