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Wildcats bounce binge drinking
Wildcat Shawn Redhage. Picture: Sharon Smith/The West Australian

Perth Wildcats players will "walk the talk" in their latest sponsorship deal by denouncing binge drinking and alcohol-fuelled violence in trouble spots such as Northbridge.

As part of a record $1.5 million three-year agreement with Healthway, the club will promote the Drug and Alcohol Office's safe drinking campaign, including personalised messages on player hero cards.

With Healthway as the Wildcats' principal partner, the club has agreed to forgo sponsorships promoting alcohol or junk food.

Wildcats managing director Nick Marvin said the club would promote the "alcohol think again" message beyond just rejecting unhealthy promotions.

"Now we are taking the message to the streets with each team member taking responsibility for particular scenarios in our community where alcohol is a factor and people might be tempted to drink more than they should," he said.

"This is an incredible time for us to take the partnership to a new level ahead of our move to the Perth Arena."

Healthway chairwoman Rosanna Capolingua said West Australians had a serious binge-drinking problem, drinking more per capita than people in other States.

"We know Northbridge has had a particular problem with binge drinking, glassings and people being king hit and none of that is acceptable," she said.

Wildcat Shawn Redhage with Damian Martin, left, and Kevin Lisch. Picture: Sharon Smith/The West Australian.

"Let's hope with the Wildcats coming back into the city, to the Perth Arena, they can act as role models so we can reclaim Northbridge and the city."

Wildcats co-captain Shawn Redhage said players believed in the campaign's message. "We have a few guys on the team who are dads and it's about sending that message to the kids that we are dealing with on a daily basis as well as the community as a whole and our families," he said.

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