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Melanie and Sean Manning with son Chase today. Picture: Bill Hatto
Melanie and Sean Manning with son Chase today. Picture: Bill Hatto

Update, 12.30pm: A woman has been charged over a mobile phone allegedly stolen from a car parked at Pinnaroo Cemetery on Sunday afternoon.

Police said the phone was discovered during a search in Bayswater and a woman had been charged with unlawful possession.

VIDEO: phone returned

Yesterday the parents of a baby who died a month ago issued a plea for help locating their mobile phones, which were allegedly stolen from their car at Pinnaroo Cemetery while they were visiting their baby’s grave.

Melanie Manning captured her baby daughter in a cheeky moment on her smart phone on June 27. Within 30 hours of the video clip being shot the otherwise healthy baby had died of sudden infant death syndrome.

The short clip showed the blue-eyed, strawberry-blonde toddler pushing a dining room chair around the family home until it reached the kitchen-bench. Dressed in a pink onesie the 15-month old baby girl clambered atop the chair and started chatting to her mother while playing with a knob of butter.

It was a moment in time that in the weeks following the event Mrs Manning came to treasure and turn to for solace. As Mrs Manning and her husband Sean struggled to cope with the loss of their beautiful baby girl they played the video clip over and over again.

But on Sunday as the family marked the first month since little Mylee’s death by visiting her grave in Pinnaroo Cemetery thieves allegedly smashed their way into the family car and stole both parent’s phones, including the one containing the video.

It was the last record they had of their youngest child.

"When you hold the lifeless body of your baby in your arms you realise that material things don’t mean a thing but that video was important," Mrs Manning said. "Mylee was a happy, cheeky little girl and in the video you can hear her saying ’Mum’."

Yesterday she appealed to the thieves to return the stolen phone by sending it to the cemetery office, the police, or The West Australian.

"We don’t feel any animosity or anger towards the thieves because we don’t know what the story behind them doing something so desperate is, but we just want that phone with the video back," she said.

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