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news update.

Here is Nat.

BP has pulled its entire fleet of petrol tankers off the road overnight following a deadly crash in Victoria.

Sunrise correspondent Sophie Hull joins us now.

Sophie, could there be disruptions in fuel delivery in other states?

Good morning, Nat, we have spoken to BP overnight.

They said there is no need to panic buy.

While all their entire fleet is off the road, that's 42 tankers in all, belonging to BP and contractors, there shouldn't be any disruption to fuel supply.

That depends on how long this investigation takes.

They are looking into just why it was a fuel tank uncoupled from the primary rig yesterday and came Carining down the highway to two women and a four-year-old boy who were travelling in cars behind it.

Police said those people were faced with a catastrophic situation.

A 67-year-old woman and a 33-year-old woman travelling in a separate car from Allans Flat with her four-year-old son, all three were killed at the scene, just near Wodonga in Victoria yesterday morning.

BP has said - yesterday, it took all of its Victorian fleet off the road.

Now the entire Australian fleet is off the road.

They said they are incredibly saddened by this loss of life.

They are cooperating fully with all investigations as is the driver.

Thank you, Sophie.

More than a billion dollars of Australian trade is in limbo after Russia imposed sanctions over the crisis in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin has retaliated at sanctions that Australia, the European Union and the US imposed on Russia over its support for separatists in Ukraine.

He's banned imports of Australian beef and pork.

Olympian Oscar Pistorius has been called an "appalling witness" by the chief prosecutor in his Pretoria murder trial.

Seven News reporter Laurel Irving is covering the trial and has the latest from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Laurel, prosecutors said the court should reject Pistorius's testimony?

Nat, Nat, they said that his story was so full of holes that his version of events was so improbable that it couldn't be true.

They accused him of manufacturing a snowball of lies to cover up the fact that he and Reeva Steenkamp had Yanukovych argument that he had deliberately shot and murdered her.

After months of evidence watched across the world, Oscar Pistorius arrived to hear prosecutors sum up the case against him.

We say, My Lady, it's the State's case that the accused was a deceitful witness and the court should have no difficulty in rejecting his core version of events, not only as not reasonably possibly true but, in essence, as being absolutely devoid of any truth.

The athlete denies murdering his girlfriend on Valentine's Day last year.

He claims he mistook her as an intruder.

The prosecution alleges he deliberately shot her through a toilet door.

He's shouting a name.

She's in the toilet cubicle.

She did not utter a word.

Why would.




It just gets ridiculous with the utmost respect.

All these things the court will have to accept before the court can accept the accused's version.

For the first time, Ms Steenkamp's father, Barry, seen here with the beard, joined her mother in court.

Mr Pistorius's father, Hank, was also in court for the first time.

His son's lawyers will finish their closing arguments tomorrow.

shot and murdered her.

The judge will say when will say when she will deliver her verdict, that is likely to be several weeks away, a few days after that, a possible sentence.

Thank you, Laurel.

It's been revealed millions of Australians are struggling to pay their bills A new Choice study has found one in five Aussies have deliberately skipped or stalled One in five surveyed also said they only scrape through every week by living off credit.

Electricity, fuel and food were voted the biggest concerns with almost half admitting they've had to trim spending on essentials such as food.

The new shapes and styles of spring and summer have been revealed at the launch of Myer's new collection in Sydney.

Jennifer Hawkins opened the spectacular parade last night, showcasing the hottest new trends.

Sorbet colours are very much in, as you can see from our hair! And the fashion! But all white is also a key trend.

Seven's Kris Smith also worked the catwalk, showing off the latest suits for men.

The monkey took the selfie but the man owns the camera.

Who race the rights to the photo.


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