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Here is Nat with the 7 o'clock news.

Good morning.

Australia is marking a national day of mourning for the victims of the MH17 tragedy.

Sunrise reporter Michael Felgate is in Melbourne where a memorial service will be held.

Michael, what's planned for today?

Good morning, Nat, the memorial service service here at St Patrick's Cathedral will start at 10.

30 this morning and run for approximately 90 minutes.

The prime minister, Tony Abbott, also the Governor-General, sir Peter Cosgrove will be in attendance and will speak here today, together with other of Australia's political leaders.

There will be readings from the Malaysian and Dutch ambassadors to Australia.

It will be relatives of those who tragically lot their lives who will be here to mourn and also remember those innocent victims on MH 17 that died three weeks ago.

298 victims in total, including 38 of those who call Australia home lost their lives and remember all of those victims.

Flags will fly at half-mast around Australia today.

And at midday, bells it toll out throughout the nation as a mark of respect.

As I said, Tony Abbott will be here and he says it is an important day for all Australians to remember those who lost their lives.

We grieve for all of them but particularly for the 38 who called australia home.

Today, we will remember them and we will honour them.

Nat, disappointing news from overseas, in the Ukraine.

It's been announced by the Dutch prime minister that the search has been suspended for the remains of those who have yet to be found and identified.

It's been suspended for an indefinite amount of time due to rising tensions between Kiev and the pro-Russian separatists.

So hopefully that will not be a long delay in that search to recover the missing bodies will be able to resume as soon as possible.

That's not good news.

Thank you, Michael.

And the flags have been lowered on the Sydney Harbour Bridge this morning, on the national day of mourning.

not good news.

Thank you, Michael.

That's a live shot from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

That will be a day of mourning for And you can watch the National Memorial Service live on Channel 7 this morning.

Sydney police are investigating a racial attack on a bus full of Jewish schoolchildren in Bondi.

Sunrise correspondent Sophie Hull is outside Moriah College.

Sophie, what happened?

It was about 4 o'clock, It was about 4 o'clock, yesterday afternoon when this bus with 30 children from the college, mount Sinai and Emanuel colleges were travelling through Bondi.

8 teenagers got onboard.

It is a private bus so it's not known where they were let onboard.

They were Reecking of alcohol and started rational abuse.

These men were reportedly saying "Kill the juice and hail Hitler.

We are going to slit your throats.

" These terrified children started texting their mothers.

One mother, Jacqui Blackburn received such a phone call.

She was horrified to hear what her children, aged 8, 10 and 12 were going through on the bus.

Here is what she told the Daily Telegraph The kids were just crying all so much I just took them and grabbed them and moved them away from the scene.

They also traumatised.

Everybody on the bus was traumatised.

There were just tears flying, everybody was crying.

It was just chaos, it was chaos.

Police have said they don't believe that this is a targeted attack but they are looking for around eight teenagers aged between 15 and 17.

Two are said to be blonde and look like twins.

People in the Jewish community, do feel targeted by this.

They want greater supervision on buses and say they are starting to feel very vulnerable and very concerned for their children.

With a private bus, you would be wondering why they were let on?

That's what they were saying.

Yeah, OK.

Yeah, absolutely.

There is concern as to why they would have been allowed on and how they knew.

Thank you, Sophie.

A 66-year-old has been arrested in Queensland overnight in a major development in a 40-year-old cold case murder.

Police raided two properties near Toowoomba on Tuesday in the investigation into the murder of Barbara McCulkin and her two daughters who vanaihsed in 1974.

A third property at Warwick was raided overnight and the owner was taken into custody.

Pictures of Perth commuters freeing a passenger who became trapped between a train and platform have gone viral around the world.

The man slipped as he was boarding the train and his leg became wedged.

He couldn't be lifted out so passengers lined up and pushed the carriage back off his leg.

The man wasn't hurt.

Coming up - the 10-year mission to catch a comet in space.

We'll meet the Aussie who was part of the unusual chase.

But first here's Kochie.

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