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More on our breaking news now - a Melbourne woman has described fearing for her life after being caught up in a rocket strike near the Gaza border.

Mary Blazevki was holidaying in Israel with her Jewish partner when it struck, injuring two people.

I'm, yes, absolutely shaking, terrified.

And just how quickly did it come in?

Oh, 15 seconds, you had 15 seconds to get to shelter and that was it.

And you could feel it?

Absolutely, it went straight through my body.

You could feel it from the floor up.

The blast damaged several homes and destroyed cars.

The UN Security Council has renewed its appeal for an immediate ceasefire.

Mortar shells have exploded just 100m from a convoy of Australian and Dutch investigators in Ukraine.

Seven News Europe correspondent Hugh Whitfeld is in Kiev and Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper is in the Netherlands where more Australian forces are on standby.

Hugh, we understand they actually did reach the crash site, though - is that right?

Monique, they did.

But they didn't hang around for too Loong because of this violence that flared once again today between the Ukrainian military and the pro-Russian rebels in around the MH 17 crash site.

It was a crew of two Dutch and two Australians and the OECD who were testing the water to see how far they could get in.

They didn't have everyone with them and they had to get out because it took them three times as long as it should have to get there.

Now, there is no guarantee that they will get in today, tomorrow or the next day because of the on-going violence.

You see the artillery shells and mortars lands close to the crews.

This is despite the fact that the Ukrainian government has promised a ceasefire at the site.

It is quite clear that is not happening now.

That is in addition to Julie Bishop being here in Kiev meeting face-to-face with those officials.

She did manage to win - score a win today though, seeing that legislation pass the Ukrainian parliament which will see Australian officials allowed to be armed here.

At least some good news in all of that mess.

Thank you, Hugh.

Michelle, tell us about the medical teams on standby where you are.

Good morning, there are a lot of military and Australian Federal Police here on the ground in the they they are lands -- Netherlands waiting to be deplayed.

There are 7 Australians.

They have been training with three Dutch medics onboard a C 17.

There are two of them in the area.

They have been used for a lot of submissions back and forth to Ukraine.

The soldiers have been taking over cargo and supplies.

The RAFF was involved -- RAF was involved in repatriating teams.

They have built a flying hospital onboard this C-17.

It can take four ICU patients and 36 others laying down on stretchers.

They are on call, 24/7 ready to be deployed to the Ukraine in case people get injured on the ground or more medical

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