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The first victims of flight MH17 have arrived in the Netherlands amid reports of two Ukrainian fighter jets shot down near the Malaysia airlines crash site by pro-Russian rebels.

Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper is in Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

And Seven's Europe correspondent Hugh Whitfeld is in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine.

Good morning to you both.

Michelle, how many victims have arrived there?

Good morning, Nat, well, 40 bodies were flown in today.

It was a very sombre procession as they were received, each and every one by a hears.

They were driven through the streets of Holland where the identification process will now begin.

It's a national day of mourning here in The Netherlands today.

A minute's silence was observed right throughout country.

The bodies were met by the king an Queen as well as the Dutch prime minister.

Thousands of family members were in attendance.

Many of them were Dutch but a number of Australian relatives in the mix.

They were shielded by huge screens just to protect their privacy so they could mourn in private.

Representing Australia was foreign affairs minister, Julie Bishop as well as Governor-General, Peter Cosgrove.

I felt very privileged today to represent all the families, I felt privileged to represent all Australians.

This is a long journey home.

These folks will be here for some time to make sure that when people are sent back to their families and to their countries that all is in order.

We've got Australians on the job.

I'm very proud of them.

What a job ahead of them.

Hugh, let's go to you, what is the let's go to you, what is the latest on these fighters reportedly shot down?

Yeah, that's right.

The Ukrainian government says the jets were shot down only about 20 kilometres from the MH17 crash site by pro-Russian rebels.

The pilots managed to eject from the planes before they crashed and this is unverified video of the scene.

It suggests though that the security situation here is still very volatile and that is what is preventing international investigators coming to the scene a to look for the remains - human remains and b to investigate the crash scene which is sitting there now for nearly a week.

And continues to be battered by the elements and animals and the wind and the rain and looters who continue to get access to the site somehow, Nat.

OK, thank you for the update, Hugh and Michelle there.

A plane has crashed in a failed emergency landing in Taiwan killing at least 47 people.

The aircraft was making its second attempt at landing in stormy weather as Typhoon Matmo lashed the island's east.

It smashed into the ground three kilometres away from the airport runway.

Witnesses said the plane plummeted from the sky before erupting into a huge ball of flames.

11 people survived the crash.

A massive clean-up is under way on the island after the typhoon made landfall - killing at least one person.

The United Nations has launched an investigation into alleged human rights violations and crimes by Israel in Gaza.

More than 700 people have now been killed in the 16-day conflict.

The UN has condemned the Israeli assault and says it will try to achieve at least minimum justice for children who are caught in the bloodshed.

Two men have been killed in a horror three-car crash near Melbourne Airport.

Investigators say a blue Holden was travelling north on Sunbury Road when the driver lost control and collided with two oncoming vehicles around 5pm yesterday.

Two men travelling in one of the oncoming cars were killed.

The driver of the Holden suffered minor injuries while the driver of the third car escaped without injury.

Commonwealth Games begin today in Glasgow.

Sunrise correspondent Rebecca Maddern is there.

Good morning, Bec.

Australian athletes are making their final preparations for competition.

Yes, good morning to you, Nat, it's final preparations is the opening ceremony.


Athletes have been gathering in the village.

They have since in the last couple of minutes, walked that wonderful stadium, Celtic Stadium.

There are about 40,000 people packed into the stadium and our Aussie team, our 417-strong team, the biggest team to leave Australian shores and compete in the Commonwealth Games has been lead by Anna Meares, our champion cyclist throughout the stadium.

Officials promised a wonderful spectacular event.

They have certainly delivered today.

You would expect the Scottish flavour and theme and that's what we got.

Lots of Tah tan as well.

It is a really -- Tah tan as well.

It has been a big day for Glasgow.

They have been preparing for this, the Queen, Her Majesty with Prince Philip as well as Charles and Camilla as well.

The athletes I suppose will be keen to get back to the village tonight because there are lots of events on tomorrow.

Anna Meares does have her pet event, the 500 metre time trial.

As much as she delighted in the honour, she will be focussing on her event, first thing tomorrow.

Thank you

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