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The UN Security Council has this morning adopted an Australian-led resolution condemning the downing of flight MH17.

All 15 members of the council - including Russia - voted unanimously to support full and un-restricted access to the crash site.

I can not begin to fathom the pain and anguish the families are feeling but grief is now accompanied by outrage.

As we witness grotesque violations at the crash site.

The council also wants all military activities around the site to end.

The train carrying the bodies of 282 MH17 victims is on its way to the Ukraine government controlled city of Kharkiv.

Seven News Europe correspondent Hugh Whitfeld is in Donetsk, near the crash site in Ukraine.

Hugh how did this come about?

Well, it follows clearly days of negotiations between Malaysian officials and the rebel government here that those talks are still on going about the black boxes.

But in terms of the bodies, the 282 bodies have left this area and are now heading on the long journey home.

Accompanied by heavily armed insurgents, a team of forensic detectives from the Netherlands arrive to inspect this makeshift morgue.

Face masks can't block the overwhelming stench.

Inside the refrigerated train carriages are plastic bags containing bodies.

I have watched the train and the wagons and I think the storage of the bodies is good of quality.

The remains of more than 270 victims have now been retrieved from several crash sites.

They're being held in a refrigerated train which is on its way to the Ukraine government controlled-city of Kharkiv before the bodies are taken to Amsterdam The black boxes have been handed over to Malaysian authorities who have now arrived in Donetsk.

The group of investigators is now inspecting the main crash site.

Heavy cranes moving large chunks of the plane wreckage and trampling on crucial evidence, destroying hopes the crime scene would be preserved for international investigators.

What's left of people's belongings still scattered across paddocks.

In the city of Donetsk, there are reports at least four innocent people were killed in mortar attacks.

Plumes of smoke billow into the air near the city centre.

There were blasts in the morning.

People were really worried in the trolley buses.

Some of them were calling their relatives, telling them to hide.

At the same time - air crash investigators and observers from around the world have arrived in Kharkiv.

heading on the long journey home.

This situation is still unfolding.

We understand that the Mal allegation official PD at the Dutch are now at the rebel RQ, just on the other side of town here meeting with the rebel government.

They have just had hours of talks here in the hotel.

But left a short time ago.

They don't have the black boxes yet, the Malaysians but we hope that they will be handed over very soon, Nat.

Let's hope it moves a bit faster.

Thank you, Hugh.

Human remains have been found in the water off the New South Wales Central Coast, where a boy was swept away more than a week ago.

Sunrise correspondent Sophie Hull is at Pearl Beach.

Good morning, Sophie.

The body's been recovered?

Morning, Nat, yes, it was a man walking his dog at about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon who spotted what appeared to be a child's body floating in the water.

He made a 000 call and police from the local area and an air ambulance were used to retrieve those human remains.

Now, it's yet to be formally identified but police do believe it's the body of Chase Kofe who went missing, he was playing with his Cousins and siblings when he was swamped by ferocious surf and swept away.

A full scale search was started but they were unable to find any sign after a few days of searching.

So this is probably a of some Somme for the to his family.

His father, Daniel Kelly, expressed his disappear, how guilty he felt for not being there and this will hopefully bring them some peace that Chayce's body has been found.

Police are hunting an arsonist after a townhouse complex was targeted in Brisbane.

Sunrise reporter Jillian Whiting is there.

Good morning, Jillian.

Has this site been set on fire before?

Morning, Nat, yes, Morning, Nat, yes, it has.

Fire crews were called here at 10.

30, to this town house development on Brisbane's southside.

The town house was completely engulfed by flames.

It has been destroyed.

It's a construction zone so forth nationally nobody was here at the time.

There is about 30 town houses being developed here.

A workmen have been turning up all morning.

This is the fourth fire in location in two weeks.

The most recent ones have been Saturday and then Thursday, but this most recent one has been by far the most damaging.

Clearly, it is suspicious.

Police are here.

They are guarding the site.

Forensic officers are expected to turn up very soon and in the meantime police are asking anyone who may have seen anything or who has any information to come forward and contact Crime Stoppers, Nat.

Bizarre, isn't it?

Thank you, Jillian.

A proposal to overhaul the nation's childcare system could see nannies and grandparents paid by the government to look after children.

A draft report to be released by the Productivity Commission today recommends streamlining government assistance for childcare into a single subsidy.

The per-child payment would be means-tested and paid directly to the parents' choice of provider.

Nannies and grandparents could be eligible if they at least have a Certificate III in early childhood education.

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