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The families of two snowboarders missing on Victoria's Mount Bogong say the men were experienced and well prepared.

They were last heard from on Thursday.

Their abandoned tent was found yesterday morning.

Police spent the night camped on the mountain and are resuming a search this morning in treacherous conditions.

There's been freezing rain so, you know, basically ice falling from the sky and onto the snow.

Police believe the men have an emergency beacon but have not activated it.

The trial of accused wife killer Gerard Baden-Clay will enter its sixth week when jurors resume their deliberations today.

Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper is in Brisbane.

Michelle, how likely is it that Gerard Baden-Clay could learn his fate today?

Well, Nat, of course, everybody wants a speedy verdict but we have to remember that a man's life is on the line.

There are three potential outcomes that the jury may find Gerard Baden-Clay guilty of murder or guilty of man's slaughter or not guilty of both.

Today, will be their third day of deliberations.

Obviously a very tense time for both families involved.

Gerard Baden-Clay's parents and family members turned up on Friday as did Allison Baden-Clay's family and friends.

She has a huge entourage of support.

They have been at this court every day of this trial which is now entering its sixth week.

There is so much for this jury to consider.

They have heard evidence from more than 70 witnesses.

They do have access to the transcripts, during deliberation including video footage of interviews with police and the three young Baden-Clay daughters.

So, obviously will be waiting around today, likely all those family members will turn up as they wait to hear the fate of Gerard Baden-Clay had has pleaded not guilty to killing his wife Allison back in 2012.

OK, thank you very much, Michelle.

Palmer Party Senators who foiled the government's plans to scrap the carbon tax say they now support new legislation crafted over the weekend.

Tim Lester joins us from Canberra where MPs and Senators are heading for their last sitting week before the winter break.

Tim, is the Senate now certain to end the carbon tax this week?

Well, today may be not, Nat but over the course of the week, it is highly likely that the Senate likely that the Senate will do what it means didn't do last week, that the numbers will fall into line and that the government will get to scrap the carbon tax.

It redrafted legislation over the last - over the weekend, put the finishing touches on the new bill to go through both houses and this is what Palmer united Senator, Jacqui Lambie had to say to us as she returned to Canberra.

I believe it has been all very clean cut, talking to Clive Palmer late this afternoon, and everybody is happy with them.

So there shouldn't be an issue.

Oh, as long as our amendments are accepted, I can't see why not.

That effectively puts four votes in line for the government line for the government of those vital 8 cross bench votes.

Fairfax Media reports Bob Day says he is happy with the changes.

You would think the numbers are now in line to scrap the carbon tax this week, Nat.

A big week ahead, thank you, Tim in Canberra.

17 Australians have been evacuated from the Gaza Strip as Israel steps up a bombing campaign against militants.

More than 165 people have been killed since the fighting began last week.

Thousands of people are fleeing Gaza after Israel warned it will step up bombardments of Hamas.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas says he will ask the UN to put the state of Palestine under "international protection" in light of the worsening violence.

A Sydney police officer is recovering this morning after being hit by a car while carrying out random breath tests.

Sunrise correspondent Sophie Hull joins us now.

Sophie, do police know what happened?

Good morning, again, Nat, Good morning, again, Nat, police are trying to piece together what happened last night.

They are looking for anyone who may have seen something to get in touch with Crime Stoppers.

It was around 8.

45 here in forest ville last night, when a sergeant was struck by a Camry: He was standing just behind a highway patrol car when this car ploughed into him.

It must have happened at high speed.

The damage to both vehicles is extensive.

Thankfully the damage to both men isn't.

The sergeant involved was taken to Royal North Shore Hospital last night with hip injuries and was later discharged.

The driver of the Camry was also taken to hospital and would have under gone mandatory testing.

We are still waiting on the results of that today.

Thank you, Sophie.

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