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But right now, Bec has a Seven News update.

The sports scientist at the centre of the Essendon supplements saga The sports scientist at the centre of the Essendon supplements saga has been questioned by Victorian police and released.

Nima Alavi claims a letter found by ASADA approving the banned drug as a natural substance was not signed by him.

banned drug as a natural substance was not signed by him.

I did.

Stephen Dank approached me many times and asked me to sign the letter.

But I refused, because I didn't know whether it was a Thymomodulin.

Thymosin beta-4 is a stronger synthetic version of Thymomodulin, and is the drug ASADA alleges Essendon players were given.

Tony Abbott dines with Clive Palmer this morning to discuss the billionaire's unexpected climate action plan.

Mr Palmer has announced his support for scrapping the carbon tax requires the savings to be passed on to consumers.

He also wants a new emissions trading scheme set up.

Last night the mining magnate said he was looking forward to the meeting.

I'm expecting a good breakfast.

He has asked me what sort of tea I like, so that's a start.

Maybe a bit of bacon, a bit of scrambled eggs.

The plan has come as a surprise, Clive Palmer has previously been considered a climate change sceptic.

A road rage incident in Sydney's north-west has left a man in a critical condition and suffering a severed ear.

Sunrise correspondent Sophie Hull joins us now.

Sophie, have police laid any charges?

Good morning, Bec.

Not as yet, but they are questioning two men who are in Blacktown Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

There are another two men recovering in Westmead Hospital - one of them, as you said, with a severed ear, and also with stab wounds and a head injury.

The other has a leg injury.

Police believe this kicked off in Parklea last night between two drivers who took issue with each other.

The cars then followed one another here to Stanhope Gardens.

That's where police established a crime scene last night - they established a second crime scene further down the road where the silver Subaru was found.

They The two men in Blacktown Hospital are assisting police with their inquiries, but police are still trying together just what happened in this very nasty road-rage attackorve int.


-- overnight.


Thank you.

The murder trial of Gerard Baden-Clay enters a new phase today, after prosecutors wrapped up their case.

Michelle, what did the court hear yesterday?

Good morning, Bec.

The court heard excerpts from Allison Baden-Clay's journal, written just one day before she disappeared.

It describes her emotions about learning about Gerard's affair with his mistress.

She describes it as dirty, and that she feels sick to her stomach, and also that she couldn't believe that he made her believe that it was all her fault.

We also heard from a forensic scientist who said that the bloodstain in the back of Allison Baden-Clay's car was an exact match with her DNA.

She also said that there was a second possible DNA substance under her fingernails that may have come from someone else, but there wasn't enough of the substance to test it for an exact match in the lab.

We also heard more recordings between Gerard Baden-Clay and police on the morning that Allison was reported missing.

He describes to them that they were having marital problems, and describes the marks on his face as cuts from a razor blade, not from fingernails.

The trial continues this morning.

Bank records have revealed a trail of personal expenses paid for with union funds by corruption whistleblower Kathy Jackson.

The documents, released by the royal commission into unions, show transactions from an alleged HSU slush fund controlled by Ms Jackson.

They include purchases from David Jones and JB Hi-Fi as well as laser therapy and medical bills.

Ms Jackson's own evidence has led to fraud convictions for Craig Thomson and Michael Williamson.

She maintains claims against her are part of a smear campaign.

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