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He already gave you a -- She already gave you a clue!Thank you.

Here's Nat.

Good morning.

Sports scientist Stephen Dank is reportedly being investigated over possible Medicare fraud.

Fairfax is reporting Dank allegedly forged and photocopied other doctors signatures to refer patients - including Essendon players - to pathology clinics.

Victoria Police and Medicare investigators are believed to have interviewed witnesses and obtained the false documents.

The defence team in the Rolf Harris child sex abuse trial has had its final chance to plead the entertainer's case.

Seven News UK correspondent Hugh Whitfeld joins us now from London.

Hugh, they came out firing against the prosecution?

Yeah, Nat.

The defence went on the attack, mainly at the way the prosecution has handled this case and the sort of language that's been used.

The prosecution has used tags like "dirty old man", "Sinister pervert", and a "Jekyll-and-Hyde character" to describe Rolf Harris.

The defence says that's essentially unfair, and the "making allegations loudly and forcefully doesn't make them true.

" The defence said that Harris's reputation has been effectively trashed, no matter what the verdict in this trial, and that there were gaps and problems and unavoidable doubt in the prosecution case.

A look at the case surrounding Tonya Lee - the Wollongong mother of three.

They said that she has a personality disorder, she lied to police throughout her allegations, and that she's made the whole story up.

They weren't just defending Rolf Harris, but defending Bindi, his daughter, as well, saying that the prosecution raising the fact that she stands to inherit his $20 million estate was a cheap shot, and should be ignored by the jury.



Thanks very much, Hugh Whitfield.

Australia's elite SAS soldiers are reportedly ready to move in and rescue diplomats if fighting in Iraq reaches the capital, Baghdad.

Islamic militants have now taken control of another key city in the north - al-Tafar.

The more than 2,000 Australians in the country have been advised to leave.

The United States says it is considering drone strikes to halt the militants advance.

Formula One great Michael Schumacher has woken from a coma, six months after hitting his head in a high-speed skiing accident in the French Alps.

Sunrise UK correspondent Martin Frizell has the latest from London.

Martin, do we know where he is now and what his condition is?

Nat, good morning.

The good news is Michael Schumacher has come out of his coma and he has been moved from University Hospital in Grenoble where he's been for the past six months and moved towards Lausanne in Switzerland, very close to his home on the banks on the shores of Lake Geneva.

But he's still a very, very sick man.

We don't know know the full medical condition, his manager is not giving that out.

She's basically saying that further rehabilitation is going to take place now in Switzerland away from the public eye.

We may not get any updates on Michael's condition for perhaps even several months.

We understand he's still being fed intravenously.

We don't know if he's breathing on his own.

He does appear to have some sort of communication between his wife and children but we don't know just how sophisticated or very simple that could be.

The fact that he's no longer in a coma, according to experts, neuro scientists say, that means he's better than he was but a full recovery is extremely unlikely.

One went so far as saying anyone in a vegetative state as long as he has, for six months, is highly unlikely that he's going to walk, talk or even dress himself for many months, if not years to come.

A Gold Coast home has been the target of a horrifying attack overnight.

Residents were woken just before 3am to a loud explosion.

When they went outside - they discovered their car on fire and the body of a mutilated cat lying nearby.

"Where's my money" had been scrawled in red on the garage door.

Investigations are continuing.

A 20-year-old ADFA cadet is fighting for her life in hospital after contracting meningococcal.

Seven News reporter Matthew Snelson is in Canberra.

Good morning, Matt.

What's the latest on her condition?

Morning, Nat.

Sadly, no change to her condition.

It remains serious but stable.

The 20-year-old has been in the Canberra Hospital for three days now.

She complained on Saturday to medical officers at Duntroon that she felt she had the flu, but her health deteriorated quickly, and she was taken here, where she has been for the last three days in the intensive care unit, as doctors try and work out which strain of meningococcal she has contracted.

ADFA members and cadets over at Duntroon were confined to their barracks for some time as this scare was diagnosed, as doctors confirmed that it was meningococcal.

That's now been lifted.

Seven other cadets who live in the same building as this young woman are being given antibiotics.

Over at Duntroon today, there will be a major graduation ceremony.

The meningococcal scare has not affected that in any way - that will be attended by the chief of Defence, General David Hurley.

No doubt a very difficult day for many over there, as this fellow cadet -- as their fellow cadet continues to recover here at Canberra Hospital now.


Thank you very much, Matthew, like frov Canberra there.

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