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I was addicted.

(LAUGHTER) Should I not admit that.

It annoyed me.

In breaking news - there is a fresh lead this morning in the search for mising Melbourne schoolgirl Bung Siriboon.

The 13-year-old disappeared on her way to school on this day three years ago.

was seen sitting in the back of a car similar to this Ford Falcon on that morning.

The car was reportedly being driven by a man of Caucasian appearance in his late '50s.

Australia could go back into the running to host the 2022 Football World Cup if a re-vote is called over corruption allegations.

FIFA has refused to comment on fresh bribery claims over the awarding of the tournament to Qatar.

Australia was among the nations that lost out to Qatar.

UK newspaper The Sunday Times says it has been given millions of documents and emails - detailing payments to various officials to support Qatar's bid.

It comes as protests have erupted in Rio de Janeiro - just days out from the kick off of this year's World Cup after a man was shot by police.

A group of seven bushwalkers has spent the night in freezing conditions lost in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

Sunrise reporter Sophie Hull is covering this from our newsroom.

Sophie, a rescue operation is getting under way?

Nat, good morning.

Police from first light today were using the first available light to get out and look for these seven bush Walkers who were last seen at around 1:00 yesterday when they set off on an organised tour at 8:30 in the morning.

There were five men and two women, aged between 27 and 69.

They were last heard of at around 1:00.

Now police are looking in the cedar Creek area near Katoomba.

They hold grave fears for this group.

It was very cold in the Blue Mountains last night.

It got down to around 7 degrees.

They didn't have an emergency beacon with them, so police are expecting to comb that area for most of the day.


Good luck to them.

Thank you, Sophie.

Two men have been terrorised in their Gold Coast home when three armed men forced their way inside overnight.

One was carrying a handgun, another a baseball bat and the third robber was brandishing a machete.

The masked men raided the home, stealing a number of electrical items.

The offenders fled on foot.

AFL club Essendon is expected to learn its fate over the supplements scandal within weeks.

Seven sport reporter Tom Browne joins us now from AFL House in Melbourne.

Tom, what has ASADA's new boss had to say about the investigation?

Ge, Nat.

Overnight Ben McDevitt the incoming CEO has been quoted as saying the Essendon notices are more a case of weeks and not months away.

ASADA hasn't ergiven any firm timing and this new ASADA boss looks like he means business.

He has deend inned the timely investigations taken and the joint nature of the investigation but it looks now certainly as a case of being when and not if and it looks like we will get better indication at least according to Ben McDevitt at the end of June.

We will get better clarity what direction ASADA is heading in, Nat.

A lot of people, obviously, their careers are hang flag the balance here.

Nat, there is absolutely no doubt that right across the spectrum of the AFL community, the players, the officials and obviously footy fans wantify naturalty on this matter.

But ASADA has said in the case of other sports, cycling for example, these investigations do take time.

They are quite unapologetic.

There are obviously a lot of legal issues involved but hopefully soon we will have better clarity in one direction this is heading, in particular for the players.

It has been tough on them.

Thank you for bringing us up-to-date.

Amazing new pictures from NASA shows the sun erupting in stunning detail.

It's called a coronal mass ejection, or eruption of solar material and it's jetting away from the sun's surface at the speed of 2.

5 million kilometres -per-hour.

at the sun a day ahead of time and it also involved a degree of luck.

So they got it?


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