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here's Nat with the rest of this morning's news.

Rolf Harris has admitted to sexually admiring his daughter's 13-year-old friend at his indecent assault trial in London.

Harris admitted telling the alleged victim she looked good in a bikini, but has repeatedly denied sexually assaulting her.

The 84-year-old previously said he entered into a consensual relationship with the teenager when she turned 18.

His friend, theatre producer Paul Elliott also gave evidence, saying Harris was a consummate professional who never did anything inappropriate.

New details have emerged about student Jamie Gao's alleged murder by two former Sydney detectives.

Fairfax is reporting the 20-year-old faced court on kidnapping and assault charges, a week before he was shot dead.

He allegedly forced the victim into a car with two other men in January, detaining him to ask about a break-up.

Notorious ex-cop Roger Rogerson and associate Glen McNamara have been charged with killing Gao at a storage facility in south-west Sydney last week.

Melbourne's Lord Mayor is calling for serial pests to be banned from the city's CBD after two punks started harassing people near the State Library.

Sunrise correspondent Rebecca Maddern joins us now.

Bec, was anyone hurt?

Nat, no-one was physically hurt, but I'm sure they were shaken, and probably in disbelief that two men would basically come out of nowhere and target them.

The first victims were guys just sitting in a cafe, and these punk rockers - pretty identifiable, dressed in leatherjackets with heavy studs - started a fight with this couple who, as I said, were innocently sitting in a cafe.

Their next victim was a guy just wheeling his bike past them on the road just outside the State Library.

One of the men came up behind him and performed an obscene gesture.

The Lord Mayor of Melbourne, to say the least, is not very fond of these punk rockers.

He wants anybody who performs this type of behaviour in the CBD to be banned from it altogether.

He says the police actually do have the powers to do this, and he said it should be done to create a family and a family-friendly environment for people to come into Melbourne's city.


Thank you very much, Bec.

Celebrated US author and civil rights activist Maya Angelou has died, aged 86.

Angelou was a child of the Great Depression and grew up in America's segregated south, surviving many personal trials.

She was the first African American woman to win a Pulitzer Prize and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama.

Her 1969 memoir, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, was an international best-seller.

she died peacefully at her North Carolina home.

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