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as she heads towards 60.

Terrific! She tjuzzed herself.

But right now, Nat's here with a Seven News update.

Good morning.

A former Sydney detective has been charged with murder following the disappearance of a university student.

Jamie Gao hasn't been seen since meeting two men of Asian appearance in the Sydney suburb of Padstow last Tuesday.

Police say he had been excited about the meeting.

55-year-old Glen McNamara has now been charged with murder and is due to face court this morning.

It's also understood disgraced former detective Roger Rogerson is wanted for questioning.

And we'll get a live report from Sydney on the case soon.

Thousands of people have held a candlelight vigil following the deaths of six people in a stabbing and shooting rampage in the US.

Angela Cox joins us now from Santa Barbara.

Ange, the community is really pulling together?

Yes, good morning, Nat.

When you look around the town, it's almost as though the tragedy didn't happen.

The crime scene tape has come down, the convenience store where the most dramatic shoot-out happened is reopened for business.

But that really Belize the sense of -- belies the sense of shock and disbelief in this town.

There are growing floral tributes at the scene of the shoot-out, and last night they came together to honour the victims.

Thousands of residents take to the streets of Isla Vista Honouring six lives lost in a murderous spree.

They held a candlelight vigil before marching through the wealthy California community left devastated by the actions of Elliot Rodger.

Angry and alienated he lashed out at the world that is often cruel.

When the casualties fall so close to home it is easy to feel angry and confused but our best reaction is to come together as a community.

With three semi automatic handguns, 22-year-old Rodger opened fire from his BMW.

Earlier, he'd stabbed three men in his apartment block.

After exchanging gunfire with authorities, Rodger turned the gun on himself.

Following the rampage, a 140-page manifesto arrived at a TV station.

In an online rant, he appears hauntingly detached.

I will take to the streets of Isla Vista and slay every single person I see there.

Disturbed musings of a young man whose privileged life thinly masked a deeply tortured mind.

It's understood police are now searching his parents' home to see if there are any more guns or where he may have practised.

It's been revealed that he bought the three guns at different cities, all legally, and that he'd been planning this attack for 12 months.



Ange Cox, thank you very much, live from Santa Barbara Police are investigating the discovery of the body of a half-naked man near a cemetery in Melbourne.

Sunrise reporter Rebecca Maddern is at East Keilor.

Bec, do police have any leads?

No, not at this stage, Nat.

It's proving really difficult for investigators.

Firstly, because they don't actually know who this victim is.

All they know at this stage is that it's a man in his early 20s.

Secondly, they're not sure if the crime actually took place, where the body was found or the crime actually took place somewhere else and the body was dumped there later.

This grisly discovery was made yesterday morning by a family visiting Keilor Cemetery.

They found his body half naked, slumped up against a tree, with severe head injuries in a pool of blood.

An extensive search was carried out in and around the cemetery yesterday, but no murder weapon was found.

It certainly still is a very big mystery.

Because of that, police are is asking and urging anyone that saw anything suspicious in that area yesterday or in the preceding days to come forward with some information.


A chocolate tycoon has claimed an outright victory in Ukraine's controversial presidential elections.

Petro Poroshenko announced he had won and promised to forge closer links with the EU.

The businessman also promised to restore peace in the country's east, where voting was widely disrupted by pro-Russian separatists.

President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted in February amid mass protests against his pro-Russian policies.

For the second time this year carmaker Hyundai is recalling Australia's top selling small SUV - the IX35.

More than 32,000 vehicles sold between January 2011 and December 2013 need to be checked.

An incorrectly tightened bolt is at the centre of the problem.

The airbag in the steering wheel may not be properly secured and the horn may not work.

More than 137,000 vehicles are being recalled globally.

Owners will be notified by mail to get a free inspection.

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