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Melbourne police are holding a news conference on the Monash Freeway emergency.

Let's listen in.

REPORTER: Can you tell us what happened this morning?

Approximately 4:00am this morning, police got a call that a male had broken down near Toorak Road on Monash Freeway.

We approached the vehicle and opened the door.

What happened was, the police then observed what appears to be a suspicious device strapped to this male.

We backed right off and strived to negotiate with the male.

What happened was, the male wasn't cooperating and speaking with us.

After approximately five minutes, he decided to start driving.

We blocked the freeway and followed this male.

We followed him for 3-4km and he then stopped and did a U-turn.

He began driving in the wrong direction on the Monash Freeway.

We obviously were fairly concerned for the safety of the public at that stage.

What we did is we stopped the traffic at tour ac Road.

In his truck, his prime mover, he got up to approximately 100km/h, driving quite quickly towards the oncoming traffic.

The police at Toorak Road were able to quickly evacuate all the people that were at the Toorak Road intersection, and moved them right back out of the danger of this truck.

Fortunately for us, he managed to stop the vehicle just short of the civilian's vehicle.

He then remained in the truck for approximately another 10 minutes, whilst police negotiated with him.

He eventually got out of the vehicle and approached the police and did what he was instructed to do.

He surrendered.

He took his clothes off prior to doing that, she he was completely naked.

The police then arrested him.

We've now conveyed him to the Alfred Hospital for a psychiatric assessment, and pending interview in regards to criminal matters later underday.

There you go - acting senior sergeant Martin Burke explaining the frightening situation Victoria Police found themselves in this morning.

A truck driver going 100km/h on the wrong side of the road.

Let's go to Sunrise correspondent Bec Maddern who's at the scene.

Good morning, Bec.

Pretty frightening when you look at their description of what's gone down this morning in Melbourne.

What's happening now?

Yeah, that was a pretty good description by the senior sergeant there.

As he said, it all unfolded at about 4:00 this morning.

That's exactly when the Monash Freeway was closed in both directions.

The freeway was reopened after the Bomb Squad declared that truck safe at around 7:00 this morning is gradual traffic build-up on the Monash Freeway.

To be quite honest, the Monash Freeway has actually never looked so good, considering the freeway has only been open for the last 90 minutes or so.

What's happened, generally speaking, across Melbourne, is that other roads have been congested, but the Monash Freeway this morning and at present is running pretty well indeed.

Thank you very much, Bec Maddern live in Melbourne there.

Two dozen people have been injured when a bus rolled over and crashed into a ditch north-east of Perth.

Most of those travelling on the tourist bus were children.

All 24 people were taken to three different hospitals in Perth.

The main issue for us this evening was to make sure that all those persons were retrieved from the bus and then given the adequate medical attention they require.

Police say the group was mainly comprised of Malaysian teenagers visiting WA as part of a school camp.

An Australian TV makeup artist has told a London court Rolf Harris grabbed and rubbed against her while she was at work.

The woman said the entertainer assaulted her more than two dozen times during an 8-hour promotional shoot that they were both working on.

She also said Harris was known to people as the 'octopus' because he was 'all hands'.

The 84-year-old has pleaded not guilty to 12 counts of indecent assault on four young girls, from 1968 to 1986.

Players from the Essendon Bombers could challenge the legality of the long-running investigation into the AFL club's supplement use.

New Limited is reporting at a meeting on Tuesday night, legal options for players were discussed.

They reportedly included issues over confidentiality and privacy.

The investigation could be quashed if players launched a legal challenge and won.

ASADA has been investigating the club for 16 months.

People in Sydney got quite the treat last night with test runs of some of the magical lights that will be on display for the Vivid Light Festival.

and interactive installations.

with the lighting of the Opera House sails.

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