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Let's get some news with Nat.

Thank you, Andrew.

Bill Shorten has used his Budget reply speech to outline key measures Labor will try to block.

In his speech last night, Mr Shorten took aim at moves to deregulate university fees and make people pay to see a doctor.

This is a budget of broken promises built upon lies.

Treasurer Joe Hockey hit back after Mr Shorten's speech.

It was big on rhetoric, it was big politics, and, certainly, there was a failure to recognise the problem.

will host an emergency summit of state leaders this weekend to plan their response to cuts to education and health.

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd has told a Royal Commission he accepts ultimate responsibility for his government's botched home insulation scheme.

Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper joins us from the Brisbane Magistrate's Court.


Thank you, Andrew.

Thank you, Andrew.

Good morning, Nat, Good morning, Nat, at times, Mr Rudd got fairly emotional on the stand saying that the deaths of the four men did deeply affect him.

He also admitted that he was very much wrapped up in the global finacnial crisis and spent nearly every waking minute concentrating on that.

He did accept overall responsibility but he was very careful with his words and didn't offer a full apology to the families.

I have accepted ultimate responsibility for what was not just bad, but in this case, a deep tragedy, as it affected the lives of the families concerned.

He also laid blame at the public servants who were running the program.

He said at no time did they alert any ministers of any safety problems until it was basically too late and too many deaths had occurred.

He also blamed the industry for the advice they gave him and there has been long standing criticism that the $2.

8 billion program was rolled out in too short a timeframe.

They allowed five months to roll this out.

Mr Rudd said there were no formal submissions to extend that time period.


OK, thank you very much, Michelle.

A London court has heard from two of Rolf Harris's alleged victims during his child sex abuse trial.

Seven's UK correspondent Hugh Whitfeld has the latest from outside the court.

Nat, today we heard from two different women who made separate allegations that Rolf Harris indecently assaulted them when they were young girls but on both occasions, Rolf Harris denies even being present at the events.

The first allegedly occurred in 1968 at a community centre in Portsmouth in the south of England.

The woman, who is now in her 50s, says as a 7- or 8-year-old, Rolf Harris visited the centre and performed his song Two Little Boys.

He then was signing autographs for a mass of children who were there and she went up and asked for an autograph.

After he signed the autograph, she says he slid his hand down her back and through her legs.

At first, she thought it was an accident, but she says then he did it a second time and more forcefully.

She didn't tell anyone about it at the time until she made a statement to police just a few years ago.

The defence deny that Rolf Harris was even present and say that she may have been thinking of another celebrity who indecently assaulted her.

The case now takes three days off and when it returns next week London time, it's expected that we'll hear from women who say they were indecently assaulted by Rolf Harris outside the UK.

Some of them are travelling from Australia.


Former Hey Dad.


! star Robert Hughes will be sentenced in a Sydney court today for child sex abuse.

The 65-year-old was found guilty of 10 separate offences against 4 young girls dating back to the 1980s.

Hughes's lawyer has previously told the court his client had been vilified by the extensive media coverage of his trial.

The convicted paedophile has been in prison since early April.

A sex predator has snatched two young woman and assaulted them near where ABC employee Jill Meagher was murdered in Melbourne.

Sunrise correspondent Rebecca Maddern is in Brunswick this morning.

Bec, what are police saying about these attacks?

Good morning, Nat, police Good morning, Nat, police say they are absolutely shocked that these sexual assaults bear such a striking similarity to the attack on Jill Meagher 18 months ago when ended in the most horrific way.

Now the attacks took place or started along snide road here in brUnS kick wick.

What has happened, the first attack took place not far from where I'm standing this morning.

A man came up behind a 22-year-old woman.

He took her into a side street where he sexually assaulted her.

She did manage to break free.

He struck again a short time later and not far from the destination of his first attack.

She also did manage to break free.

Police have been able to catch this man, the man they believe responsible on CCTV.

They have released an image of his face.

They are asking the public to come forward with any information so this sexual predator can be taken off the streets of Melbourne, Nat.

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