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But first, it's time for an update from the Seven Newsroom.

Here's Nat.

Good morning.

AFL star Buddy Franklin has been questioned by police Sunrise correspondent Talitha Cummins is in Rose Bay.

Talitha, do we know what caused the crash?

you, Nelson.

Money can buy anything.


Not yet, Nat.

But we can see a result of some of the damage, we could a few seconds going.

Buddy Franklin was driving West along Now South head Road when he crashed into four parked cars.

Thankfully he walked away unharmed and returned a negative breath test for alcohol.

It all came to light on social media when I resident heard the crash, came down here and saw Buddy next to the cars.

He took some photos and then put them up on to Twitter.

He said Buddy waited for police to arrive and then they had a chat with him and interviewed with him and issued him a ticket.

There was a lot of damage to the cars.

The Jeep, his girlfriend, we believe, her Jeep was towed away and the airbags ejected.

In a brief statement, the AFL confirmed the accident and says that Buddy was licenced and insured and I guess very lucky this morning.

Yes, exactly.

OK, thank you very much, Talitha for bringing us up-to-date.

Treasurer Joe Hockey has warned that next month's federal budget will be tougher on social welfare with pensions likely to be hit hardest.

In a speech in Sydney last night, he said Australians should brace for a serious tightening of government spending.

The $40 billion we spend on the aged pension each year is more than we spend on the defence of our country, on hospital or on schools.

Mr Hockey says all Australians have an obligation to help get the budget back into the black.

Several objects have washed up on a West Australian beach, Seven News reporter Rob Scott is in Busselton.

Rob, do we know exactly what was found?

We We don't know exactly what was found but we have than told that about three items were found.

One of them is reported as being about the size much a of a car, made of sheet metal with rivets on one side.

Those objects were found on a remote beach east of the town of Augusta in WA's southwest.

They were found by a man who was walking along the sand.

Those objects were brought here to the Busselton police station where they were photographed last night.

They were driven up to Perth where a physical examination will take place by authorities there.

Those authorities stress that while they are interested in taking a look at those items, it's far too early to say with any certainty whether they are with a from a plane and it will be a few days before they will be able to say whether they were connected with MH370 which van acknowledged with 239 people onboard.

Is it possible the currents could have got them that far?

Look, it is possible but the search area that has been focussed on on for the past few days is about 2,000 northwest of Perth.

This being southwest of Perth, some 300 kilometres almost in the completely opposite direction.

The beach where those items is known to be a an area where current does draw a lot of debris.

It is possible but I must stress that authorities have not confirmed whether it is plane wreckage or whether it is lengthed to MH370.

Thank you, Rob.

The royal family is in mourning after the Duchess of Cornwall's brother died overnight after a fall outside a nightclub in New York City.

62-year-old Mark Shand - seen here with Camilla last year - is believed to have slipped and hit his head while lighting a cigarette.

Clarence House has released a statement confirming the death which says: Meantime, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in Canberra for the last two days of their Australian tour.

Sunrise correspondent Sophie Hull is there.

Sophie, what's on their agenda today?

Good morning, Nat, our first stop here is at the national Arboreatum, it was dreamed up at bushfires in Canberra with the vision of creating 100 forests and gardens.

The Duke and Duchess will come here today, they will help it on its way to planting all those trees by mRAchBTing an English oak here today.


mRAchBTing an English oak here today.


Prince George is not owe fEningsly scheduled to be here.

This is a great playground behind me.

There is a lunch at Parliament House.

A for Mal reception at Government House this evening.

Thank you, Sofie.

to breaking news from melbourne now where firefighters are battling a massive factory fire at Mordialloc in the city's south-east.

The blaze has spread to 2 adjoining factories and multiple fire crews are on the scene.

A thick smoke plume can be seen over the city.

We will update you on that

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