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Morcombe accused 'confesses to murder'


The man accused of killing Daniel Morcombe has allegedly confessed to the murder to an undercover police officer.

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The murder trial for the man accused of killing Daniel Morcombe will resume on Monday.

Yesterday, jurors were shown video of Brett Peter Cowan confessing the crime to an undercover police officer posing as a member of a criminal gang.

Brett Peter Cowan was called before the big boss of a criminal gang he'd been working for.

The boss was really an undercover police officer using the name Arnold.

Cowan was quizzed over his involvement Arnold said to tell him the truth - that he could buy alibis and sort it out.

Cowan eventually cracked.

Cowan described seeing Daniel waiting for a bus.

The bus drove past.

Cowan said he offered Daniel a lift to the shopping centre and the teenager accepted.

He said it was near Beerwah.

He said he drove 150m to a bush area.

He said he stripped off Daniel's clothes and covered the body in branches.

Bruce and Denise Morcombe sat in court as the video was played.

They stayed strong, but one of their supporters broke down in tears.

Cowan remained expressionless.

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