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Union in talks with Qantas


Union officials are threatening industrial action over the Qantas decision to cut jobs.

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Alan Joyce and union officials are currently in talks in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria.

Reporter Lee Jeloscek is there.

Good morning.

That's right.

It didn't take long for unions to threaten industrial action yesterday in response to that announcement of 5000 job losses over three years.

Today union leaders are meeting Qantas cheats at the Qantas Sense of the Service Excellence, where they are voicing their opposition not only to the mooted job cuts but also to a pay freeze the Qantas employees.

The unions want Alan Joyce to prove there is a viable long-term strategy for the company but also to provide a transition for those up to 5000 employees who faced the prospect of unemployment.

We simply don't access that the management has picked the number of 5000 without adequately looking at all the issues, and we are here today to get commitments that we've got a process in place that will secure jobs and the future of the airline.

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