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Worthington out on bail after assault


FIRST ON 7: Actor Sam Worthington is out on bail after her was charged with assault in New York.

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Australian actor Sam Worthington is out on bail after he was charged with assaulting a photographer in New York.

The snapper is complaining the star is receiving unique treatment.

Angela Cox joins me now.

Good morning, Ange.

The photographer has appeared in court and new details of the incident have emerged?

Good morning.

Good morning.

New details and pictures of Sam Worthington's arrest after the scuffle with the photographer, the video shows Lara Bingle his model girlfriend or potentially wife showing police her shins where she claims that the photographer faces court today.

It emerged that the couple claims that they were followed for about four hours by three different photographs.

They were so frustrated that they decided to split up.

Lee apparently followed Lara Bingle, when it turned into he said/she said.

He claimed she lashed out at him, she raced across the street and tried to grab his camera from him, he says that's when Sam Worthington jumping in and punched him four times.

Lee says that's not the case, he was doing his job, there is video to prove it and Sam Worthington got special treatment.

In fact Lara Bingle ran half Highway up the block and attacked Mr Lee because he was photographing her and she was annoyed.

Here one party went to jail and the other party walked out.

Gee, the party that got the ticket and walked out just happened to be a movie star.

So when will Sam be heading to court?

Sam Worthington is due to face court in two day's time.

If he went in and plead the guilty he would probably get a fine, it's his first offence in this state.

They may well try to fight it, given that they feel that they were provoked.

The photographer has been banned from going anywhere near Lara

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