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News break - February 17


Woman stabbed to death in Queensland, Bill Shorten's approval rating drops, mass breakout on Manus Island.

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the line to wrap up our million dollar week.

Right now, Nat has your Good morning.

A man and a woman are being questioned by police after a woman was stabbed to death south of Brisbane.

Police were called to a home in Boronia Heights at Logan around 11:30 last night after receiving reports a 23-year-old woman had been stabbed in the chest.

They found a woman who was injured.

They worked on the woman for a period of time but she was pronounced dead at the scene.

It's believed the couple assisting police with their inquiries are the victim's mother and stepfather.

And we'll get a live report from the scene, shortly.

A woman has spent the night in hospital after a horrific head-on crash which killed three people in the New South Wales Hunter Valley.

Sunrise correspondent Sophie Hull is at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle.

Good morning, Sophie.

How is she this morning?

Nat, this woman was airlifted to hospital here at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle yesterday after that horrific smash on the Golden highway near muscle Brooke in the Upper Hunter.

She was brought her in a critical condition with severe injuries to her head, abdomen and legs.

She is now in a stable condition this morning but she is the sole survivor from that collision, a head on collision between a Toyota and a forward ute, just around 2.

30 yesterday afternoon.

Paramedics making their way to the scene, also suffered some drama, their ambulance flipped but police were able to come to their aid and bring them to the scene.

They tried to cut two men free from the car and they died from the car.

A third man died, he was behind the wheel of the Ford ute.

That brings the death toll in New South Wales to 49, compared to 31 for last year.

Police think wet weather was a factor in yesterday's accident but their investigations are still continuing, Nat.

Thank you, Sofie.

A man is in hospital under police guard, following a crash in Ballarat west of Melbourne, which injured an elderly couple and their grandson.

For more I'm joined by Sunrise correspondent Nick Etchells.

Good morning, Nick.

The man was being chased by police at the time of the crash.

Yeah, he was, what preceded this was the police trying to pull over a driver in a orange Commodore He decided to take off and then the police chase ensued.

During that chase, he crashed into the Carrying the elderly couple and their grandson.

From that cash, three people were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries S injuries, including the driver, who has is mentioned is now under police guard in HOchT.

I imagine he will be out of hospital today and the yOUnG boy was unharmed.

Thank you for the update, Nick.

A search will resume this morning for a jet skier missing off Brisbane.

between Tangalooma and Redcliffe.

The alarm was raised after his jet ski was found abandoned just after 6pm.

A police chopper and seven water police boats began searching for the man last night.

Another helicopter and eight extra boats will join the search this morning.

Drought-stricken farmers have been promised an aid package is close to being finalised.

The Prime Minister kicked off his visit to affected areas in New South Wales and Queensland yesterday.

But parts of the 2-day tour have been called off due to heavy rainfall.

It's a great sound in country Australia - the sound of rain on a tin roof.

Cabinet is expected to sign off on a plan that includes debt relief, income support and extra social services next week.

A woman who survived a great white shark attack has criticised WA's controversial shark cull program.

Elyse Frankcom was mauled while snorkelling off a popular West Australian beach in 2010.

She was wearing a shark shield during the attack and managed to activate it while a swimmer came to her rescue.

I strongly believe, along with Trevor Burns, grabbing the tail of the shark and making it let go that this device right here, the shark shield, undoubtedly saved mine and Trevor Burns's life.

She's backing the State Opposition's calls for the device to be made more widely available.

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