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Arson charge over bushfire


A man will face court charged with lighting one of the bushfires on Melbourne's outskirts.

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A man will face court today, charged with lighting one of the fires on Melbourne's outskirts over the weekend.

18 bushfires are still burning across Victoria.

But cooler conditions will help crews build containment lines around the Wallan-Kilmore blaze, north of Melbourne.

Nick Etchells has more.

Ann, the fire is still the main focus this morning in Wallan.

You can probably see a lot of fog behind me.

Visibility is down to 100m.

And that's been present all morning.

That means that there is a lot of moisture in the air.

The wind has died down and the temperatures dropped off a little today.

Very good firefighting weather, at least a significant break in the bad weather of earlier this week.

So firefighters are working to try control what is now a very slow moving fire.

The good news for Wallan is that this fire which was emergency warnings yesterday has been downgraded to a watch-and-act.

It's not currently threatening any properties.

So that's the good news.

The bad news is that without a good dump of rain, this fire could burn, will keep on burning until we get rain.

Now, there is no forecast in the foreseeable future for rain.

So I suppose a change in conditions that could flare-up again.

So they are of course ever conscious of that.

There has been another complication this morning in this area - you can see roadblocks like the one behind me are all over the place, as people and police are kept out of the fire zone.

That means the main roads has had a semitrailer tip over on it, it was full of scrap metal, now spread across the road.

And that's

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