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Actors pose at nominees' lunch


Hollywood's hottest stars have come together for the Academy Awards nominees' lunch in Beverly Hills.

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Hollywood's hottest stars have come together for the Academy Awards Nominees Lunch in Beverly Hills.

Best Actress favourite Cate Blanchett shone in a space-age dress, saying she was surprised to even be nominated.

Many of the nominees are used to being photographed - but this is no ordinary picture.

Look here, please.

They're considered Hollywood's best of the year.

Among them, Aussie Cate Blanchett who's already won a swag of awards for 'Blue Jasmine'.

She seems almost unbeatable despite speculation the Woody Allen abuse allegations could derail her Oscar's bid.

It's her sixth nomination.

This one certainly took me by surprise.

It's always a thrill because I've been away for so long.

Nice to think I have a film career to return to.

Cate's up against Sandra Bullock for 'Gravity'.

Probably most beautiful experience filming.

Best Actor favourite Matthew McConaughey says he'll be celebrating win or lose.

This is my first time nominated.

Who known if I am nominated again but there will never be another first time.

He's up against Leonardo DiCaprio who defended the debauchery of Best Picture nominee 'Wolf of Wall Street'.

It's portraying a part of humanity in all its truth.

His co-star Jonah Hill, who famously earned just $60,000 for the movie, says he'd do it again to work with Martin Scorsese.

I would paint his house if he asked me to.

'American Hustle' is expected to be the night's big winner with 10 nods, including one for second-time nominee Bradley Cooper.

To be able to do this two year's in a row - I keep waiting for her to tear me away and say, "What are you doing here?

" The Academy Awards are being held on March 3.

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