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Schapelle spends night in luxury hotel


Schapelle Corby has woken up to her first day of freedom, after spending the night in a five-star resort.

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Schapelle Corby has woken up to her first day of freedom after nine years in jail for drug smuggling.

She's spent the night in a five-star resort, just three kilometres from Kerobokan Prison.

Adrian Brown is outside the villas in Seminyak.

Good morning, Adrian.

Is there any sign of Schapelle today?

Surprisingly, no sign of Schapelle Corby yet and I don't think we will see her for the next few days.

Upon the next time we see her could be on Sunday night, given the widespread Sunday night, given the widespread supports that the Sunday supports that the Sunday night program obtained an exclusive interview with Schapelle Corby, probably to be recorded in the next day or two.

That hasn't still been confirmed.

That will probably be the next time that we see her.

The fact that she may have sold her story has caused confusion and perplexed the Indonesian media who wonder why anybody would pay so much money for somebody who has been convicted of drug smuggling.

Her face is on the front page not just of newspapers in Australia, her face is not just on TV screens in Australia.

It is on Steve screens here and right around the Schapelle Corby-brand story has truly gone global.

Now, she is staying at the moment in this luxury resort where there is a spa and spent her bed with fresh linkian, air-conditioning.

This is an area very popular with Australian tourists.

So given that she is now the most photographed and talked about woman in Australia, she will be very difficult to spot when she makes her regular trips to the parole office, she has to do once per month as part of her parole conditions.

We had, of course, been expecting her to stay at the compound owned by her brother-in-law and sister.

But I gather that the Parole Board, according to the local media, allowed her to stay here for the time being because of security concerns.

The compound there is very small.

The family share it is effectively with eight other families.

There is a temple and they

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