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No protests from Gittany girlfriend


The girlfriend of convicted balcony killer Simon Gittany has made a quieter entrance to court, choosing to leave her placards at home.

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working lady who bought the home in Noble Park last year.

The girlfriend of convicted balcony killer Simon Gittany has made a quieter entrance into a Sydney court this morning for the second day of her partner's sentencing hearing.

Jodie Speers is outside court.

Jodie, Rachelle Louise left the placards at home today?

It was more of a discreet entrance, if you can call it that, given the throng of media, cameras and journalists that greeted Simon Gittany's family as they gathered outside the court complex this morning.

Rachel then went into the back of the courtroom and waited for her boyfriend to arrive and had a quick chat to him before the proceedings started.

The focus this morning has been on the Crown, outlining all of the things that the judge should take into account in deciding how much time Simon Gittany should spend in jail.

Throwing his fiance Lisa Harnum off the balcony in 2011.

Simon's supporters, including girlfriend and family members said yesterday, saying as if the offender is two completely different people.

One person to his family and outsiders and another in his relationship that he had with Lisa Harnum.

He said that he has shown no remorse for the murder and said prospects for rehabilitation can't be assessed yet because he hasn't taken responsibility for his crime.

He raised an interesting point not mentioned so far - Simon Gittany had no regard for the safety of the people down on the street on the busy Saturday morning when Lisa Harnum plunged off the balcony.

A very real risk of somebody being hit bring her body and likened it to somebody firing a gun on one Sydney's busiest streets in peak-hour.

The prosecutor describes the murder as mid range of seriousness.

Now we are about to hear from the defence and the sentence will be given at

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