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Chris Lane accused turns witness


One of the teenagers accused of murdering Australian Chris Lane has turned star witness in the case.

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mechanism to prevent any more of these shocking tragedies.

One of the teenagers accused of murdering Australian baseball player Chris Lane has turned star witness in the case.

Mike Amor is at the pre-trial hearing in Oklahoma.

Good morning, Mike.

The youngest suspect has decided to give evidence against his co-accused.

That's right, Ann.

His name is James Edward junior.

He is just 16.

He was 15 at the time of the shooting.

Today he did not appear alongside his co-accused but instead appeared in the witness box, testifying against the accused driver of the car Michael Jones and the man they accuse of pulling the trigger.

He said that he was driving along with the two men, they saw Chris Lane jogging ahead of them.

They stopped at a traffic light.

He rolled down to roll some marijuana.

When the car took off he heard a gunfired over his shoulder.

He looked in the mirror and saw Chris Lane holding his side, staggering down the road.

They sped off and stopped a short time later.

The two men then had a conversation of how they thought the gun was led loaded with blanks.

We spoke to Chancy's mother and lawyer.

Let's have a listen to what they had to say.

I still don't believe it.

I am the mum so.

I still don't believe it.

I think there is more to it than what has been said.

These young fellows thought there was blanks in this 22 gun.

There was a swerving, it could have gone off accidentally.

Chris lane lanes -- Chris Lane's girlfriend was in court today?

She previously said she had no interest in the front row.

She left without speaking to the media.

This pre-tile is going to be held over until the middle of March when we will learn whether these two young men will stand trial over the death

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