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News break - February 4


Several homes damaged in Perth bushfire; Man dies in Bali hotel room; Parole close for Schapelle Corby; $1 million reward for missing schoolgirl.

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Here's Nat.

Good morning.

Firefighters have worked through the night in Perth to contain a bushfire which damaged several homes in the city's south-east yesterday.

The blaze, which is still burning out of control, began at Forrestdale before spreading east.

An emergency warning was downgraded to a watch and act overnight.

Authorities are worried about gusty winds and ember attacks this morning.

A South Australian man has died in Bali.

Rohan Max Fitzgerald was found unconscious in the bathroom at the Bounty Hotel in Kuta yesterday.

He was taken to hospital but died 30 minutes later.

Staff say he appeared well when he arrived.

It's understood the 28-year-old suffered from a heart condition.

Schapelle Corby's family believe she could be released from prison in Bali as early as this week.

Indonesia's corrections division has confirmed it held a secret hearing last Thursday to discuss Corby's parole application.

It's seen as the last major hurdle in the 36-year-old's fight for freedom.

Corby has spent more than nine years in Kerobokan Prison for drug smuggling.

A $1 million reward will be announced today in the case of missing Melbourne schoolgirl Bung Siriboon.

The teenager vanished on her way to school in Boronia in June 2011.

Her parents will help launch the new appeal this morning.

They've previously said they believe Bung is still alive.

Swimming legend Ian Thorpe spent last night in rehab following a bizarre incident in Sydney.

Police say Thorpe 'incoherent and erratic' when he was detained outside his parents' Panania house early yesterday.

The 31-year-old was found sitting in a car that wasn't his.

Thorpe's manager says he had not been drinking but was on a bad mix of painkillers and anti-depressants.

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