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News break - January 23


Tony Abbott rejects claims asylum seekers were mistreated; Newlyweds to get voucher for marriage counselling; Car plows into Sydney house.

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The fun police at their best.

Good morning.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has again rejected asylum seeker claims that they were mistreated by Australian Navy personnel during a turn-back operation early this month.

His comments come after vision was released, showing several asylum seekers being medically assessed in Indonesia for burns on their hands.

Who do you believe?

Do you believe Australian naval personnel or do you believe people who were attempting to break Australian law.

I trust Australia's I trust Australia's naval preferential they will.

The asylum seekers claims the burns were caused when navy personnel forced them to hang onto hot pipes coming out of their boat's engine.

Newlyweds across the country can soon look forward to a wedding present from the Federal Government.

From July 1, couples will be given a $200 voucher for marriage counselling.

to strengthen relationships and avoid family breakdowns.

Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews says the scheme will create more happiness and stability and a better environment for children.

100,000 couples will be eligible for the voucher.

An out-of-control car has ploughed into a house causing major damage.

The Holden Cruz crashed into a corner of the property at Edensor Park, destabilising two walls, which had to be partially knocked down.

Police have set up a crime scene and are investigating the crash.

The condition of the driver and the occupants of the house is unknown.

Just weeks after the Polar Vortex caused chaos across the United States, a second big chill is sweeping through the north-east.

Sub zero temperatures, icy winds and heavy snow are affecting tens of millions of people.

New Jersey residents had to dig out from more than half a metre of snow.

Hundreds of schools are closed and many government offices and businesses have shutdown.

thousands of flights are delayed or cancelled and roads are treacherous.

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