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Claims Navy burnt asylum seekers


Asylum seekers have allegedly been abused by Australian navy personnel.

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Australia's relationship with Indonesia is back in the spotlight over claims asylum seekers were abused by Australian Naval personnel.

The Prime Minister is slamming the allegations, saying there's "absolutely no evidence" to back up the claims.

It's these pictures of asylum seekers receiving medical treatment in Indonesia that has so outraged the Australian Government.

It's been alleged they suffered the burns during an Australian Navy tow-back operation There's absolutely no evidence for them.

These are just claims without any apparent facts to back them up.

It's been reported the asylum seekers claim they were forced to hold onto hot pipes on their boat's engine when they were sent back to Indonesia earlier this month.

I think the mere publication of things that are clearly so unsubstantiated, I think is very unfortunate.

Who do you believe?

Do you believe Australian naval personnel or do you believe people who were attempting to break Australian law.

Mr Abbott says he stands by his policy of turning boats around where it's safe to do so.

The fact is we've gone many weeks now without a single boat arrival in Australia.

Prime Minister Abbott is at the World Economic Forum at the Swiss ski resort of Davos.

He's there to talk about how to improve the state of the world but it's the plight of asylum seekers trying to escape dire circumstances that continue to grab the headlines.

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