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Queensland gets heat wave respite


Queensland residents had a brief respite from their heat wave last night as storms rolled in.

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Queensland residents had a brief respite from their heatwave last night as storms moved through the south-east.

The large cells rolled in from the west, bringing heavy rain, strong winds and hailstones.

But the muggy conditions will return today.

The extreme weather has drained water supplies across the south-east.

Consumption has jumped by 10% in 121 reservoirs as the region swelters in temperatures up to 40 degrees.

In the hot weather, people tend to be showering and bathing more often, just by the very nature of the heat.

Energy use has also increased - up 39% since Sunday.

The heatwave has sparked a number of blazes, this fire on Mount Tibrogargan broke out yesterday with crews attacking the blaze from the air.

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