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UK tabloid hacked Kate's phone


British tabloid News of the World has been accused of hacking Kate Middleton's phone.

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British tabloid 'News of the World' has been accused of hacking the Duchess of Cambridge's phone while she was dating Prince William.

The details were revealed in a trial of the now defunct newspaper's executives.

Even before she surrendered to the public life of a royal, Kate Middleton's privacy was being compromised.

The jury in the UK's phone-hacking trial was read eight messages left on her mobile phone.

In one of them, Prince William talks about almost getting shot with blank rounds during training at Sandhurst.

Sure enough, News of the World published a scoop about the incident.

Another message reveals William's pet name for Kate, Another thing that came out was that he was desperate to see her, he was going to do a sneaky to come and see her at mum and dad's house.

The jury was also told about a prank message left on Prince Harry's phone.

It was reportedly Prince William pretending to be Harry's then-girlfriend, Chelsea Davy.

It was already known the paper targeted royal aides but this is the first time it's been disclosed the royals themselves were victims.

It is quite unsavoury, really, that people were listening in on private messages.

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