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Morbid fascination sparks idea
A developer plans a morgue-themed hotel for the historic Willow Court property in New Norfolk, 36km northwest of Hobart. Picture: The West Australian

A Tasmanian developer wants to turn an historic morgue into a motel, complete with pull-out fridges for beds.

Developer Haydn Pearce is hoping to create what he believes would be the world's first morgue accommodation experience at a former psychiatric hospital in Tasmania's Derwent Valley.

Pearce says guests will be able to sleep on the autopsy table and on bunks in the old pull-out storage refrigerator.

"We want to keep the experience as close as possible to a 1950s morgue," he said.

"I figure there's enough crazy people out there that want to do something different in their lives.

"If you don't try it now it's going to be too late when you end up doing it, going to a morgue."

The development is planned for the historic Willow Court property in New Norfolk, 36km northwest of Hobart.

Retro furniture and even some of the original autopsy tools will be part of the interior design, along with the flat-screen TVs.

"It will just be like another motel room I guess, just with some creepy bits and pieces," Pearce said.

He expects the four-room extension to his current motel inside the old hospital grounds will have broad appeal.

"I suspect we'll be getting Goths and we'll be getting Emos and we'll be probably getting some pretty funky mums and dads," he said.

Pearce hopes to open the rooms next year if he can get council approval.

"I suspect they're probably up in arms," he said. "I guess they can come up with a moral problem. Can they stop people with moral problems? I don't know."

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