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Adventurers outnumber honeymooners on Tahiti
Adventurers outnumber honeymooners on Tahiti

More Australians are travelling to Tahiti for adventures rather than honeymoons, according to official visitor figures.

A survey by Tahiti Tourism found Aussie holidaymakers outnumbered honeymooners six to one in 2011.

Only 12 per cent of visitors travelled to the French Polynesian archipelago island for a honeymoon compared with 75 per cent travelling to Tahiti and her islands for an adventure.

This contradicts popular belief that Tahiti only attracts loved-up couples.

Tahiti Tourism says while it believes the island will remain a popular honeymoon destination, more and more Australians are visiting the island for a short break.

Many of them - 21 per cent - were also returning to Tahiti.

In February, Australian visitors to the island increased by 43.5 per cent compared with the same period the previous year.