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Guide to onsen etiquette
Guide to onsen etiquette

How to take a Japanese bath


1. Take off your clothes and put on shelf.

2. Enter bathroom with a small towel and your amenities.

3. Use the bucket and small chair in front of the tap, pour warm water over yourself to rinse your body before getting into the bathtub. Do not use soap in the tub.

4. Tie up your hair if longer than shoulder length. Do not bring anything into the tub. Soak in the bath.

5. Get out of the bath and wash your body or hair under the tap. Rinse off soap and shampoo well.

6. If you want to, get back into the bathtub.

7. In front of the faucet, rinse with clean, warm water.

8. Dry with the small towel before going back into the changing room.

9. Dry with bath towel and dress.

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