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A new viral video proves you're not safe from Gangnam Style, even at 30,000 feet.

Air Malta has launched a new promotion that aims to encourage passengers to switch off their phones during flights and the 90-second video has taken off, with thousands of views on YouTube since its release yesterday.

The national airline of Malta calls it PSA - GANGNAM STYLE, in a nod to the original version by Korean superstar Park Jae-sang, whose stage name is PSY, and with PSA standing for "public service announcement".

A group of flight attendants perform the dance moves now famous around the world in the cramped space of a single-aisle jet.

The disapproving captain emerges from the flight deck, donning sunglasses to deliver the final message: "Please turn off your phones in flight … Because anything could happen."

The link between discouraging phone activity and the global K-pop movement is not immediately clear, but the annoyance factor of both can't be ruled out.

Air Malta's website states that mobile telephone use is not permitted in any phase of a flight.

Based in Luqa, the airline operates 200 flights a week to more than 50 destinations in Europe, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean.

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