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Affordable indulgence
Affordable indulgence

Travel website thinks it has the answer in launching Hotel Confidential.

For, a spokesperson says, through Hotel Confidential travellers can book centrally located, brand-name, four or five-star hotels for significant price discounts.

But there's a catch … the name of the hotel will only be revealed once the booking is made.

"Think of it as an affordable indulgence, with a dash of mystery," James Gaskell, managing director of ZUJI Australia. "Of course, savvy travellers might be able to figure out our clues, but that's all part of the fun."

Mr Gaskell says the concept has been successful on sister sites - Last Minute in Europe and Travelocity in North America.

He explains: "Over the last twelve months, Australian hotels have had an average occupancy rate of approximately 75 per cent. Many hotels are restricted with how much they can reduce their price due to agreements with other third parties or simply in the interest of protecting their brand. Hotel Confidential allows hoteliers to side step these concerns. The customer gets the best price for a quality hotel and the hotel can improve its occupancy rate."

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