Don t forget Esperance
A windmill against Lucky Bay, Esperance. Picture: Sharon Smith/The West Australian

Reader Andrea Hampson sings the praises of the beautiful beaches of Esperance.

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In response to your recent article about the most beautiful beaches (101 Best Beaches by Andy Short), I wonder whether he has visited Esperance in March, as we did earlier this year.

I have seen beaches all around the world, down south and up north in the east and in WA and, although the beaches you mentioned are beautiful, I have never seen more stunning beaches than around Esperance on a clear sunny day.

The Great Ocean Road drive near the town was amazing enough but when we went further east to Duke Of Orleans Bay and discovered Little and Big Whartons, Hellfire Bay, Lucky Bay and Thistle Cove, we were absolutely stunned by the pristine crystal aquamarine water, icing sugar-white sand and rocks of Cape Le Grand National Park.

There were varying shades of blue in the water from a deep dark blue to the lightest aquamarine. The sand was very fine and as white as snow and the gentle waves rolled in breaking to a white foam.

I have never seen such crystal- clear ocean. There were lots of islands and bays to add more beauty and amazing rocks. We did strike very good weather - clear blue skies and hot enough to enjoy swimming.

I am sure you have been there yourself but I cannot understand why this part of our amazing State is not advertised more. It took us over 60 years to get to Esperance and it was one of the best holidays we have had - certainly the best beach holiday and most relaxing.

I took hundreds of photos and the enclosed are a few extra I had. Why do we not see pictures like this showcasing what a beautiful and stunning area we have in our own backyard?

Most of the people we met down there were from New Zealand, Eastern States or overseas. We certainly had no idea how gorgeous it was, even though we had heard about Esperance from time to time.

It is a gem of a place, if you get the weather right.

Andrea Hampson, East Fremantle

The West Australian

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