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Kimberley apartments show attention to detail
Freshwater Apartments are modern in design, but set in an old landscape. Picture: Stephen Scourfield/The West Australian

This is schmick apartment living. At the end of the short hall, with its tiled floor, the bedroom has a striking, colourful wall, built-in cupboards and leads off to the bathroom on the left.

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A big shower room, a balcony outside, and a shower there, too. Nice amenities, good lighting.

And then on to the main living space, with a fully fitted kitchen, right down to the dishwasher. A table for four, then the sitting area with a comfortable sofa, big flat-screen TV and coffee table.

Yes, this is classy apartment living. But when I pull back the curtains, the Kimberley is outside.

Past the balcony of this Freshwater East Kimberley Apartment, again with a table and seating for four (but also a giveaway, Kimberley outdoor ceiling fan), Kununurra's Celebrity Tree Park is mellow in the late afternoon.

It is lush and green. Thanks to the water held back behind the Ord Dam (said generally to be 21 times the volume held in Sydney Harbour), and fed into the area through Lake Kununurra and irrigation channels, the thing that often surprises visitors is the amount of fresh water around this remote East Kimberley town.

And in that, the town's new Freshwater Apartments are appropriately named. For, just beyond the park is Lily Lagoon, and past that Kununurra's landmark Sleeping Buddha rock formation.

Celebrity tree park is outside the window. Picture: Stephen Scourfield/The West Australian
The first phase of this apartment development opened earlier this year, and manager Narelle Brooks says response has been positive.

There are 32 short-stay rooms and eight for long stays in this first stage of Freshwater East Kimberley Apartments, which are very much the product of the care and attention to detail of local developer Michael McConachy. He also has the management rights for Freshwater Apartments and has previously told me: "We are not just building it and walking away. We live here. We have a long-term commitment."

Twenty-four of the short-stay rooms have one bedroom, but there are some with two and three. A one-bedroom stay at Freshwater East Kimberley Apartments is $242 a night ($220 in the wet, after October 1), and a three-bedroom is $388 at the moment ($354 after October 1). In the second stage, another 60 short-stay rooms will be opened.

I am in town for a few days and, unusually for me, get to sleep in the same bed for four nights, rather than keep moving on. And the apartment really does start to feel like home - comfortable, practical, amenable, right down to the free wi-fi.

Outside, there is plenty of covered parking near the door, nicely organised and landscaped gardens and a swimming pool with local rocks set around it, so that it resembles a Kimberley waterhole. and 1300 729 267

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