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Put change on your dream list
Put change on your dream list

Although a myth, misinterpreted ancient calendar prediction or event December 2012 signals the end of the Mayan Calendar. Just the completion of time as they knew it or an apocalyptic prediction it will put some travellers into fifth gear to knock some of the items off a bucket list just in case.

Consumer review and business listings website has compiled a list of the five things Australians should cross off their bucket list before the end of 2012.

1. Number one on the TrueLocal Bucket list is skydiving or bungee jumping. According to community manager for Shae Marlow said Redcliffe Skydiving is the best option for a skydiving experience. "They offer gorgeous view of Moreton Bay and the Glasshouse Mountains culminating in a landing on Sutton's Beach," she said.

2. Living like an A-grade celebrity is something many travellers would love to do while on the road. Staying in the penthouse of a luxury hotel with an oversized bath tub, a fully stocked bar, 24 hour butler and massage service. At number two on the list Ms Marlow suggested the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney for this experience. "The hotel has a five star rating on TrueLocal and boasts harbour side views. Reviews on our website praise the hotel for its fantastic spa, awesome facials and tasty cocktails," she said.

3. With the buzz of the 2013 Australian release of The Great Gatsby and the return of Mad Men to Australian screens travellers might be looking to take a step back in time with the resurgence of early 20th century fashion. At number three on the TrueLocal bucket list a themed party, while on holiday, to celebrate the revival of this era, should be a 2012 checked item. Ms Marlow suggested the Sideshow Annie Costume Parlour for all the dress up options for a 1920's themed party. "Think flapper dresses, lace, long necklaces and ornate headbands on women and pinstripes and fedoras for men. Sideshow Annie Costume Parlour in Melbourne is an excellent place to find vintage clothes and accessories," she said.

4 Number four on the TrueLocal list is to learn something new. Cooking, surfing, a new language or extra skill there are endless possibilities for expanding talents. Dancing is something that can be incorporated into many situations and TrueLocal suggested a Perth dance studio for this new skill, achievable by almost anyone. "Dancing is a great way to get active while doing something fun while developing a new talent. At Daele Fraser Dance Studio and Fitness in Morley, Western Australia, the whole family can learn how to dance. They teach a variety of dancing genres including ballroom and rock 'n' roll and they have a range of class levels from social to professional," Ms Marlow said.

5, Relevant to the international travel trend linked to the current strength of the Australian dollar TrueLocal suggest crossing a local travel destination off the bucket list. Rather than planning another overseas vacation TrueLocal suggests travellers should cross a national destination off their must see destinations.

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