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WAFL round four, Foxtel Cup scores (clone 1302328989)
WAFL round four, Foxtel Cup scores (clone 1302328989)

Scores for matches in round 11 of the 2011 WAFL season.


WAFL: Swan Districts v Claremont at Steel Blue Oval (2.15pm)

Perth v Subiaco at Brownes Stadium (2.15pm)

South Fremantle v Peel Thunder at Fremantle Oval (5pm)

Foxtel Cup: NT Thunder v East Perth at TIO Stadium, Darwin (4pm)

WAFL: West Perth v East Fremantle at Arena Joondalup (2.15pm)


CLAREMONT3.4 9.712.817.13 (115)
SWANS6.19.3 13.814.11(95)
GOALS – CLAREMONT: C Jones 5; Gilligan 3; Lee, Broome, Crawford 2; Rudeforth, Richardson, Mitchell. SWAN DISTRICTS: Hansen 7; Hunter 2; Walters, Robinson, Colreavy, Jacky, Geappen.

BEST – CLAREMONT: Murphy, Mitchell, C Jones, Blackwell, Lee, Nisbett, Weedon. SWAN DISTRICTS: Hansen, Notte, Spaanderman, Riggio, Robinson, Jetta, Hinkley.
INJURIES – SWAN DISTRICTS: Mile (knee), Hunter (back).
REPORTS: Geappen (SD) for rough conduct.
UMPIRES: S McPhee, M Bowden, C Pattinson.
CROWD: 1500 (approx) at Steel Blue Oval.

PERTH4.2 8.512.520.7 (127)
SUBIACO2.16.5 11.914.13(97)
GOALS – PERTH: Busher 4, Kayler-Thompson, Florio 3, Horner 2, Leeson, Armstrong, Moody, O'Sullivan, Jacobs, Elari, Pitt. SUBIACO: Wheeler, Broadhurst 4, Hughes, Anthony 2, Cockie, Hildebrandt.

BEST – PERTH: Young, Moody, Busher, Florio, Elari, Zucconi, Tedesco, Jacobs. SWAN DISTRICTS: Hughes, Hildebrandt, Kerr, Parker, Bristow, Wheeler.
UMPIRES: G. Parker, D. O'Neill, R.Shelton.
CROWD: 1500 (approx) at Brownes Stadium.

GOALS - SOUTH FREMANTLE: Dell'Olio, K Miller, Cooper 2; Palumbo, R Adams, Murphy, Wilson, Kelly, Cook, Gaff. PEEL: Healey, Holmes 3; Lycett 2; K Thornton, J Jones, Herring, Eddy, Murphy.

BEST - SOUTH FREMANTLE: Miller, North, McCarrey, Cook, Murphy, Head. PEEL: Wilson, McFarlane, B Jones, Lycett, R Beswick, K Thornton.
INJURIES - SOUTH FREMANTLE: Gaff (hamstring). PEEL: Flaherty (hamstring), Butcher (knee).
UMPIRES: C Hendrie, B Wardman, J Orr.
CROWD: 1900 (approx) at Fremantle Oval.

EAST PERTH12.5 (127)
NT THUNDER10.11(97)

WEST PERTH3.37.59.810.11(71)
E.FREMANTLE3.05.2 10.413.8(86)
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